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if(!defined('IN_UCHOME')) {
	exit('Access Denied');

$_SGLOBAL['msglang'] = array(

	'box_title' => 'News',

	'do_success' => 'Action Successful!',
	'no_privilege' => 'You have no privilege to use this feature',
	'no_privilege_realname' => 'You are not using your real name yet, only have access to limited features£¬<a href="cp.php?ac=profile">Add my real name!</a>',
	'no_privilege_videophoto' => 'you do not have access, coz You are not verify via WebCam£¬<a href="cp.php?ac=videophoto">Click here for WebCam verification</a>',
	'no_open_videophoto' => 'Right now, this function is closed',
	'is_blacklist' => 'You do not have authority for this',
	'no_privilege_newusertime' => 'You are new user, Please wait \\1 hour to proceed',
	'no_privilege_avatar' => 'Please upload your profile photo£¬<a href="cp.php?ac=avatar">click here to Upload</a>',
	'no_privilege_friendnum' => 'At least you need \\1 friend to proceed, Click <a href="cp.php?ac=friend&op=find">here</a>  to add friend!',
	'no_privilege_email' => 'You need to get your email address verified and activated to proceed, click <a href="cp.php?ac=password">here</a> to activate.',
	'uniqueemail_check' => 'this e-mail address is already in use, try another e-mail',
	'uniqueemail_recheck' => 'your e-mail address has been activated, please re-enter personal information to re-set your e-mail',
	'you_do_not_have_permission_to_visit' => 'Oops, what did you do, you have been banned!',

	'designated_election_it_does_not_exist' => 'This group does not exist, you can try to create one',
	'mtag_tagname_error' => 'This Name is not a valid Group name, please correct it',
	'mtag_join_error' => 'Failed, Try later or search another group and join',
	'mtag_join_field_error' => 'Group Categories \\1 only allows a maximum members \\2 , have reached the maximum limit',
	'mtag_creat_error' => 'Group does not exist, why do not create one!',

	'enter_the_space' => 'Enter the personal space',

	'points_deducted_yes_or_no' => 'This feature will deduct  \\1 credit from you£¬sure to proceed£¿<p><a href="\\2" class="submit">submit</a> &nbsp; <a href="javascript:history.go(-1);" class="button">Cancel</a></p>',
	'points_search_error' => "Points search error",

	'photos_do_not_support_the_default_settings' => 'Default album dose not support this feature',
	'album_name_errors' => 'Please enter a correct name for the album',

	'correct_choice_for_application_show' => 'Please select the right option to proceed',

	'users_were_not_empty_please_re_login' => 'Sorry, username field empty, input username',
	'login_failure_please_re_login' => 'Sorry, login failed, please try it again',

	'no_authority_expiration_date' => 'Your current administrator privileges have been temporarily revoked, recovery time is: \\1',
	'no_authority_expiration' => 'Your current administrator permissions have been revoked, thanks for your understanding',
	'no_authority_to_add_log' => 'You have no permission to add a blog',
	'no_authority_operation_of_the_log' => 'access denied to use this feature',
	'that_should_at_least_write_things' => 'it can not empty, please write some content',
	'failed_to_delete_operation' => 'Failed, try later',

	'click_error' => 'Invalid expression',
	'click_item_error' => 'Does not exist',
	'click_no_self' => 'Gush, can not do it for yourself',
	'click_have' => 'You hae one state',
	'click_success' => 'Successfully sent',

	'did_not_specify_the_type_of_operation' => 'We could not understand this request :(',
	'enter_the_correct_class_name' => 'Invalid class name',

	'note_wall_reply_success' => ' \\1 sent to inbox',


	'operating_too_fast' => "required \\1 secs interval",
	'content_is_too_short' => 'too short content, at least 2 characters',
	'comments_do_not_exist' => 'this comment does not exist',
	'do_not_accept_comments' => 'Comments are disable for this blog',
	'sharing_does_not_exist' => 'This sharing does not exist',
	'non_normal_operation' => 'Invalid Expression',
	'the_vote_only_allows_friends_to_comment' => 'only participant can comment',

	'security_exit' => 'you have been cleared the security \\1',

	'should_write_that' => 'can not be blank, write something',
	'docomment_error' => 'invalid comment',

	'mail_can_not_be_empty' => 'There is no e-mail, it should not empty',
	'send_result_1' => 'Invitition sent!It might take a few min, soon your friend will get it!',
	'send_result_2' => '<strong>Below emails failed:</strong><br/>\\1',
	'send_result_3' => 'cannot find record, email re-send failed..',
	'there_is_no_record_of_invitation_specified' => 'The invitation record you specified does not exist',

	'blog_import_no_result' => '"Blog import failed, Please make sure you have enter the correct URL and login information, Error Message:<br/><textarea name=\"tmp[]\" style=\"width:98%;\" rows=\"4\">\\1</textarea>"',
	'blog_import_no_data' => 'Blog import failed, Error message: <br />\\1',
	'support_function_has_not_yet_opened fsockopen' => 'Site dose not support fsockopen, This feature not available',
	'integral_inadequate' => "Your current credit is \\1 , it is insufficient, this operattion needs: \\2",
	'experience_inadequate' => "Currently you have \\1,  it is insufficient, this operattion needs: \\2",
	'url_is_not_correct' => 'Invalid URL',
	'choose_at_least_one_log' => 'Select at least one blog to import',

	'friends_add' => 'Now you and \\1 are friend.',
	'you_have_friends' => 'You were friends',
	'enough_of_the_number_of_friends' => 'Friends limit has been reached, Delete some before adding new ones',
	'enough_of_the_number_of_friends_with_magic' => 'You have reached max friends limit <a id="a_magic_friendnum2" href="magic.php?mid=friendnum" onclick="ajaxmenu(event, this.id, 1)">Click here to obtain more limit</a>',
	'request_has_been_sent' => 'request has been sent, waiting for approval',
	'waiting_for_the_other_test' => 'waiting for approval',
	'please_correct_choice_groups_friend' => 'select the right category',
	'specified_user_is_not_your_friend' => 'This user is not your friend',

	'mtag_managemember_no_privilege' => 'access denied, try something else',
	'mtag_max_inputnum' => '"\\1"Join request Failed, Max \\2 user can join',
	'you_are_already_a_member' => 'You are already a member',
	'join_success' => 'Congrats! You have joined Sucessfully',
	'the_discussion_topic_does_not_exist' => 'Discussion does not exist',
	'content_is_not_less_than_four_characters' => 'Too short, minimun 4 character required',
	'you_are_not_a_member_of' => 'You are not member of this group',
	'unable_to_manage_self' => 'invalid action, can not do this with yourself',
	'mtag_joinperm_1' => 'You have already joined, Waiting for approval',
	'mtag_joinperm_2' => 'You need invition to join',
	'invite_mtag_ok' => 'Successfully joined, Now you can£º<a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">Visit</a>',
	'invite_mtag_cancel' => 'Ignore this invitition to join',
	'failure_to_withdraw_from_group' => 'Failed to quit, Contact Admin or moderator',
	'fill_out_the_grounds_for_the_application' => 'Specify the reason why you want to join?',

	'this_message_could_not_be_deleted' => 'This PM can not delete',
	'unable_to_send_air_news' => 'Message can not be empty',
	'message_can_not_send' => 'Failed, Try later or again',
	'message_can_not_send1' => 'sending failed, you have reached the max limit, Wait 24 hours',
	'message_can_not_send2' => 'You are sending so fast, please wait few seconds',
	'message_can_not_send3' => 'You cant send bulk msg to non-friends',
	'message_can_not_send4' => 'You cant send msg right now',
	'not_to_their_own_greeted' => 'You can not poke yourself',
	'has_been_hailed_overlooked' => 'Poke have been ignored',

	'update_on_successful_individuals' => 'Profile successfully updated!',

	'no_authority_to_add_poll' => 'You are not authorized to vote',
	'no_authority_operation_of_the_poll' => 'You are not allow to vote',
	'add_at_least_two_further_options' => 'Invalid option, minimum need 2 option(choice) to poll',
	'the_total_reward_should_not_overrun' => 'Total number of award can not be more then \\1',
	'wrong_total_reward' => 'Invalid reward point, check the total number of reward',
	'voting_does_not_exist' => 'This poll does not exist',
	'already_voted' => 'Already You have voted',
	'option_exceeds_the_maximum_number_of' => 'Can not be more then 20 Option',
	'the_total_reward_should_not_be_empty' => 'Total reward can not be empty',
	'average_reward_should_not_be_empty' => 'Point for each voting can not be empty',
	'average_reward_can_not_exceed' => 'Point for each voting can not be exceed \\1 total reward',
	'added_option_should_not_be_empty' => 'Polling Option can not be empty',
	'time_expired_error' => 'Poll closing date should greater then today',
	'please_select_items_to_vote' => 'Select at least one option to vote this poll',
	'fill_in_at_least_an_additional_value' => 'Please add at least one value',

	'blog_does_not_exist' => 'This blog does not exist',
	'logs_can_not_share' => 'This blog can not share due to privacy setting',
	'album_does_not_exist' => 'This album does not exist',
	'album_can_not_share' => 'Album can not share due to privacy setting!',
	'image_does_not_exist' => 'Iamge does not exist',
	'image_can_not_share' => 'Image can not share due to privacy setting!',
	'topics_does_not_exist' => 'Discussion does not exist',
	'mtag_fieldid_does_not_exist' => 'This Group does not exist',
	'tag_does_not_exist' => 'This TAG does not exist',
	'url_incorrect_format' => 'Invalid URL, Check it',
	'description_share_input' => 'Share Description Required',
	'poll_does_not_exist' => 'This Poll does not exist!',
	'share_not_self' => 'You can not share yourself',
	'share_space_not_self' => 'you can now share your profile yourself',

	'domain_length_error' => 'Profile URL is too short, can not be less than \\1 characters',
	'credits_exchange_invalid' => 'Invalid Credit exchange ',
	'credits_transaction_amount_invalid' => 'Invalid transaction amount',
	'credits_password_invalid' => 'Password error, may be password field blank, Go back and check',
	'credits_balance_insufficient' => 'Exchange failed due to insufficient balance',
	'extcredits_dataerror' => 'Exchange failed, please contact admin for details',
	'domain_be_retained' => 'this URL already taken, select new',
	'not_enabled_this_feature' => 'This feature is disable',
	'space_size_inappropriate' => 'Please specify the correct storage space, you will exchange for',
	'space_does_not_exist' => 'This profile does not exist¡£',
	'integral_convertible_unopened' => 'Exchange service is not available',
	'two_domain_have_been_occupied' => 'This URL exist already, please try another one',
	'only_two_names_from_english_composition_and_figures' => 'URL for your profile must start with an alphabat and can include number',
	'two_domain_length_not_more_than_30_characters' => 'URL for your profle not exceed 30 characters only',
	'old_password_invalid' => ' Old password does not match, please check it',
	'no_change' => 'There is no change',
	'protection_of_users' => 'Access denied you have no right to change',

	'email_input' => 'You have not set email account yet,Click here to <a href="cp.php?ac=profile&op=contact">Email Inbox</a> setup',
	'email_check_sucess' => 'Your E-mail£¨\\1£©successfully activated.',
	'email_check_error' => 'E-mail activation failed, Check activation Link again',
	'email_check_send' => 'Activation link has sent to your email box, it might take a few min to recieve it',
	'email_error' => 'Incorrect E-mail address',

	'theme_does_not_exist' => 'The specified theme dose not exist',
	'css_contains_elements_of_insecurity' => 'Your CSS has some security issues',

	'upload_images_completed' => 'Image uploaded!',

	'to_login' => 'Please login first',
	'title_not_too_little' => 'Subject length error, must be at least 2 characters above',
	'posting_does_not_exist' => 'Specified topic dose not exist',
	'settings_of_your_mtag' => 'It is where people with a shared interest meet, get to know each other, and stay informed. Your group gives you instant access to:<br>
~Shared message archives<br>
~Photos and photo albums<br>
~Group event calendars<br>
~Member polls and shared links <br><br><a href="cp.php?ac=mtag" class="submit">Create new Group</a>',
	'first_select_a_mtag' => 'Select one group in which you want create the discussion <br><br><a href="cp.php?ac=mtag" class="submit">Create my own Group</a>',
	'no_mtag_allow_thread' => 'This group does not have enough members. You can not create new discussion. <br><br><a href="cp.php?ac=mtag" class="submit">Create my own Group</a>',
	'mtag_close' => 'This Group has been locked down.',

	'to_view_the_photo_does_not_exist' => 'Oops, This album does not exist',

	'view_to_info_did_not_exist' => 'Oops!, this blog does not exist',

	'view_images_do_not_exist' => 'Oops!, This image does not exist',

	'topic_does_not_exist' => 'Oops, this Discussion does not exist',

	'news_does_not_exist' => 'Oops!, Does not exis',
	'proved_to_be_successful' => 'Verification process complete, connecting you to the URL',
	'password_is_not_passed' => 'Invalid Passwords, please check it and try again.',

	'login_success' => 'You have been successfully logged in, forwarding you to your space \\1',
	'not_open_registration' => 'You have been successfully logged in, forwarding you to your space',
	'not_open_registration_invite' => 'Sorry, direct registration is not allowed, you need an invitation to register',

	'getpasswd_account_notmatch' => 'Username and email dose not martch, please check it again',
	'getpasswd_email_notmatch' => 'Username and email dose not martch, please check it again',
	'getpasswd_send_succeed' => 'We have sent a link to retrive your passwords to your Email£¬<br />Check your email and follow the link within 3 days¡£',
	'user_does_not_exist' => 'Username dose not exist',
	'getpasswd_illegal' => 'Username dose not exist',
	'profile_passwd_illegal' => 'Passwords empty or contains illegal characters, please check it again',
	'getpasswd_succeed' => 'You have successfully changed your passwords, please login with your new password now',
	'getpasswd_account_invalid' => 'Sorry, admin cannot use this feature',
	'reset_passwd_account_invalid' => 'Sorry, admin or protected users cannot use this feature',

	'registered' => 'Registration complete, Connecting you to your space',
	'system_error' => 'System error, document not found UCenter Client',
	'password_inconsistency' => 'Password dose not martch',
	'profile_passwd_illegal' => 'Password empty or contain illegal characters, please check it again',
	'user_name_is_not_legitimate' => 'Invalid Username',
	'include_not_registered_words' => 'Username contains illegal characters',
	'user_name_already_exists' => 'Username already exist',
	'email_format_is_wrong' => 'Invalid E-mail',
	'email_not_registered' => 'this domain names Email not allowed in this site',
	'email_has_been_registered' => 'E-mail already registered',
	'register_error' => 'Registration failed, please contact admin for details',
	'regip_has_been_registered' => 'this IP \\1 just have registered one user, Please try after 1 hours for another registration',
	'register_error' => 'Registration failure',

	'tag_does_not_exist' => 'Oops!, Tag does not exist!',

	'poke_success' => 'Message has been sent, \\1 user will view it once logged in',
	'mtag_minnum_erro' => 'The member of this group less than \\1 , you can not use this feature',

	'information_contains_the_shielding_text' => 'Sorry, Message you have just post contains illegal content',
	'site_temporarily_closed' => 'Site closed',
	'ip_is_not_allowed_to_visit' => 'Your IP is banned',
	'no_data_pages' => 'There is no more data in this page',
	'length_is_not_within_the_scope_of' => 'Data out of limit',

	'page_number_is_beyond' => 'Not available',
	'incorrect_code' => 'Verification code error, please correct it',

	'the_space_has_been_closed' => 'This profile deleted',

	'search_short_interval' => 'Please wait for 30 seconds to try next search',
	'set_the_correct_search_content' => 'Search Field is empty',

	'share_does_not_exist' => 'This share does not exist',

	'tag_locked' => 'Tags has been locked',

	'invite_error' => 'cannot obtain invite code, check if you have enough credits',
	'invite_code_error' => 'Sorry, bad invite link',
	'invite_code_fuid' => 'Sorry, invite link has been used already',

	'should_not_invite_your_own' => 'Sorry, you can not invite yourself to register an account',
	'close_invite' => 'New Invitation disabled',

	'field_required' => 'The required fields ¡°\\1¡±  can not be empty.',
	'firend_self_error' => 'Geek!, you can not add yourself as friends',
	'change_friend_groupname_error' => 'Change group name error',

	'mtag_not_allow_to_do' => 'Invalid, You are not a member of this Group',

	'task_unavailable' => 'Invalid activity',
	'task_maxnum' => 'Max members of this activity is full',
	'update_your_mood' => 'Please update your mood, aka shout',

	'showcredit_error' => 'Please update your mood, aka shout',
	'showcredit_fuid_error' => 'Invalid friend',
	'showcredit_do_success' => 'Bid is successful',
	'showcredit_friend_do_success' => 'Bid is successful, your friend will be notified',

	'submit_invalid' => 'Invalid Submit, please use standard web browser',
	'no_privilege_my_status' => 'Apologies,Currently these services are not available',
	'no_privilege_myapp' => 'Apologies,Currently these services are not available<a href="cp.php?ac=userapp&my_suffix=%2Fapp%2Flist"> Check out other features.</a>',

	'report_error' => 'Please specify which member to report abuse.',
	'report_success' => 'Abuse Report Successful, Thanks to helping us to build clean site, ',
	'manage_no_perm' => 'You can manage sent msg of your own.',
	'repeat_report' => 'Please do not report repeatedly.',
	'the_normal_information' => 'Its considered normal information, not need to report.',
	'friend_ignore_next' => 'Ignored friend request of \\1, proceed to next request(<a href="cp.php?ac=friend&op=request">stop</a>)',
	'friend_addconfirm_next' => 'You became friends with \\1 , proceed to next request(<a href="cp.php?ac=friend&op=request">stop</a>)',

	'event_title_empty'=>'Event Title can not be empty!',
	'event_classid_empty'=>'Select Event Category',
	'event_city_empty'=>'Event Location can not be empty',
	'event_detail_empty'=>'Event Description can not be empty',
	'event_bad_time_range'=>'Event can not be create more then 60days before.',
	'event_bad_endtime'=>'The End of time should be greater then start time',
	'event_bad_deadline'=>'Registration time can not be more then Event Ending Time',
	'event_bad_starttime'=>'Start time can not be earliar then current time',
	'event_already_full'=>'Apologies, Event participant are limited and now event is close for new participants ',
	'event_will_full' => 'This event have limited number of participants',
	'no_privilege_add_event'=>'You do not have permission to create new activity',
	'no_privilege_edit_event'=>'You do not have permission to modify this event',
	'no_privilege_manage_event_members' =>'You do not have permission to manage the members event',
	'no_privilege_manage_event_comment' => 'You do not have permissions to manage events comments',
	'no_privilege_manage_event_pic' => 'You do not have permissions to manage the Event photo',
	'no_privilege_do_eventinvite' =>'You do not have permissions to send the invite other for this event',
	'event_does_not_exist'=>'Event does not exist!',
	'event_create_failed'=>'Failed, Please make sure you have provided valid information',
	'event_need_verify'=>'Event is pending for approval',
	'upload_photo_failed'=>'Upload failed, try again',
	'choose_right_eventmember'=>'Select the related members for this event',
	'choose_event_pic'=>'Select EVENT poster',
	'only_creator_can_set_admin'=>'Only creator can set the other organizers',
	'event_not_set_verify'=>'Event does not require approval',
	'event_join_limit'=>'This event is only invitated people can join',
	'cannot_quit_event'=>'You can not quit because you did not join this Event or you are the Creator of this event',
	'event_not_public'=>'This is private event just invited people can view',
	'no_privilege_do_event_invite' => 'You do not have privilege to invite other',
	'event_under_verify' => 'waiting for approval',
	'cityevent_under_condition' => 'To visit the local Event, need to set up your location in your profile',
	'event_is_over' => 'Event has been finished',
	'event_meet_deadline'=>'Event has deadline for registration',
	'bad_userevent_status'=>'Please select the correct state of Event for members',
	'event_has_followed'=>'You are interested in this event',
	'event_has_joint'=>'You have joined this ecent',
	'event_is_closed'=>'Event is closed',
	'event_only_allows_members_to_comment'=>'Only participant can comment',
	'event_only_allows_admins_to_upload'=>'Only Admin/creator can upload',
	'event_only_allows_members_to_upload'=>'Only participant can upload',
	'eventinvite_does_not_exist'=>'Event does not allow invite other',
	'event_can_not_be_opened' => 'This event can not be open now',
	'event_can_not_be_closed' => 'This event can not be close now',
	'event_only_allows_member_thread' => 'Only participant can create new discussion',
	'event_mtag_not_match' => 'This group is not related to this event',
	'event_memberstatus_limit' => 'Private Event only Participant can access',
	'choose_event_thread' => 'Select related event to create new discussion',

	'magicuse_success' => 'Props used successfully',
	'unknown_magic' => 'This props does not exist or unavailable now',
	'choose_a_magic' => 'Please select props',
	'magic_is_closed' => 'This props is closed for while',
	'magic_groupid_not_allowed' => 'Access denied, increase your level',
	'input_right_buynum' => 'Please enter the correct Quantity to buy',
	'credit_is_not_enough' => 'Insufficient Credit',
	'not_enough_storage' => 'Oops, Stock is unavailable, Next stock available at \\1',
	'magicbuy_success' => 'Successfully purchased, spending Integral \\1',
	'bad_friend_username_given' => 'Invalid Firend name',
	'has_no_more_present_magic' => 'Geez! you have no more props to gift, <a id="a_buy_license" href="cp.php?ac=magic&op=buy&mid=license" onclick="ajaxmenu(event, this.id, 1)">Buy now</a>',
	'has_no_more_magic' => 'You do not have props \\1£¬<a id="\\2" href="\\3" onclick="ajaxmenu(event, this.id, 1)">Buy Now</a>',
	'magic_can_not_be_presented' => 'This Props can not be gift',
	'magicpresent_success' => 'Successfully gift have delivered to \\1 ',
	'magic_store_is_closed' => 'Props shops are closed',
	'magic_not_used_under_right_stage' => 'Props can not be use under this stage',
	'magic_groupid_limit' => 'Increase your level, currently you can not purchase',
	'magic_usecount_limit' => 'You can not use the props.<br>You can use after \\1 ',
	'magicuse_note_have_no_friend' => 'You do not have any friends',
	'magicuse_author_limit' => 'Props history can be get only on its use ',
	'magicuse_object_count_limit' => 'Same props you been used£¨\\1 £©, reached on limit',
	'magicuse_object_once_limit' => 'You have been used this, can be re-use',
	'magicuse_bad_credit_given' => 'Invalid credit Value',
	'magicuse_not_enough_credit' => 'Oops! bad lucj not sufficient credit!',
	'magicuse_bad_chunk_given' => 'Invalid value',
	'magic_gift_already_given_out' => 'Already Gifted',
	'magic_got_gift' => 'You have to get more gift: increase \\1 credit',
	'magic_had_got_gift' => 'You got a gift',
	'magic_has_no_gift' => 'has no gift',
	'magicuse_object_not_exist' => 'Oops! Does not exist!',
	'magicuse_bad_object' => 'Bad choice',
	'magicuse_condition_limit' => 'gift use limit',
	'magicuse_bad_dateline' => 'Invalid time',
	'magicuse_not_click_yet' => 'Right give your opitnion',
	'not_enough_coupon' => 'Not enough Coupon',
	'magicuse_has_no_valid_friend' => 'Failed, invalid friend name',
	'magic_not_hidden_yet' => 'Your status is not offline',
	'magic_not_for_sale' => 'Not for sale',
	'not_set_gift' => 'Oops, Increase your level to use this gift',
	'not_superstar_yet' => 'Not Superstar Yet',
	'no_flicker_yet' => 'not using RAINBOW Effect yet',
	'no_color_yet' => 'Till yet no Color Effect',
	'no_frame_yet' => 'Not using frame yet to your AVATAR',
	'no_bgimage_yet' => 'Not using background image yet',
	'bad_buynum' => 'Invalid value',

	'feed_no_found' => 'RSS Feed not found',
	'not_open_updatestat' => 'Apologies this service is not available for now',

	'topic_subject_error' => 'Too short, minimum 4 characters',
	'topic_no_found' => 'Discussion does not exist',
	'topic_list_none' => 'List None',

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