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	$Id: lang_cpmessage.php 12878 2009-07-24 05:59:38Z xupeng $

if(!defined('IN_UCHOME')) {
	exit('Access Denied');

$_SGLOBAL['cplang'] = array(
	'do_success' => 'Operation Successful',

	'enter_the_password_is_incorrect' => 'Incorrect password. Please try again',
	'excessive_number_of_attempts_to_sign' => 'You attempt to login the admin panel more than 3 times, Please try later after 30 min.',


	'no_authority_management_operation' => 'Oops! you do not have permission!.',
	'please_check_whether_the_option_complete_required' => 'Please check if required field or option are complete',
	'please_choose_to_remove_advertisements' => 'Please choose one ad to remove',
	'no_authority_management_operation_edittpl' => 'Due to security reasons£¬only the creator can use this feature.',
	'no_authority_management_operation_backup' => 'Due to security reasons£¬only the creator can repair the database.',

	'at_least_one_option_to_delete_albums' => 'Please Select one album to delete',

	'data_import_failed_the_file_does_not_exist' => 'Please Select one album which you want to delete',
	'start_transferring_data' => 'Brgin Data Transfering',
	'wrong_data_file_format_into_failure' => 'Failure on wrong data format',
	'documents_were_incorrect_length' => 'Incorrect length of the file name.',
	'backup_table_wrong' => 'Backup table wrong.',
	'failure_writes_the_document_check_file_permissions' => 'Failure on writing file. Please check the permissions.',
	'successful_data_compression_and_backup_server_to' => 'Data compression and Backup succeful!',
	'backup_file_compression_failure' => 'Sorry. Compression and Backup failure.',
	'shell_backup_failure' => 'Shell backup failure.',
	'data_file_does_not_exist' => 'Sorry. Date file doesnt exist.',
	'the_volumes_of_data_into_databases_success' => 'Successfully import the volumes of data into databases.',
	'data_file_does_not_exist' => 'Sorry, the data file doesnt exist.',
	'data_file_format_is_wrong_not_into' => 'Wrong data format. Can not import data.',
	'directory_does_not_exist_or_can_not_be_accessed' => 'Directory does not exist or can not be accessed.',
	'vol_backup_database' => 'Vol backup database.',
	'complete_database_backup' => 'Database backup completed.',
	'decompress_data_files_success' => 'Data files decompress successful.',
	'data_files_into_success' => 'Data files import success.',

	'correctly_completed_module_name' => 'Please input correct module name.',
	'a_call_to_delete_the_specified_modules_success' => 'Specified modules successfully deleted.',
	'designated_data_transfer_module_does_not_exist' => 'Designated data transfer module does not exist.',
	'sql_statements_can_not_be_completed_for_normal' => 'SQL error. <br> server feedback£º<br>ERROR: \\1<br>ERRNO. \\2',
	'enter_the_next_step' => 'Enter the next step.',
	'choose_to_delete_the_data_transfer_module' => 'Choose one data module to delete.',

	'the_correct_choice_to_delete_the_log' => 'Please choose one blog to delete',
	'the_correct_choice_to_add_topic' => 'Please select at least one topic to delete',
	'add_topic_success' => 'Topics in top list£¬ \\1 here are feed',



	'the_correct_choice_to_delete_comments' => 'Please select at least one comment to delete',
	'choice_batch_action' => 'Please select one operation which you wanna operate',

	'ip_is_not_allowed_to_visit_the_area' => 'This IP: ( \\1 )Not allow access£¬Please check the settings',
	'the_prohibition_of_the_visit_within_the_framework_of_ip' => 'This IP:( \\1 )Blocked to access,check the settings',

	'config_uc_dir_error' => 'Config UCenter error',

	'rules_do_not_exist_points' => 'This Rule does not exist',

	'designated_script_file_incorrect' => 'Designated script file incorrect.',
	'implementation_cycle_incorrect_script' => 'Implementation cycle script incorrect.',

	'choose_to_delete_events' => 'Choose one event to delete.',

	'choose_to_delete_the_columns_tag' => 'Choose one column tag to delete.',
	'designated_to_merge_the_columns_do_not_exist' => 'Designated columns for merging do not exist.',
	'the_successful_merger_of_the_designated_columns' => 'Designated columns merged successfully.',
	'columns_option_to_merge_the_tag' => 'Please choose one column to merge.',
	'lock_open_designated_columns_tag_success' => 'Lock/open the designated columns tage successfully.',
	'choose_to_operate_columns_tag' => 'Choose one columns tag to operate.',
	'choose_to_operate_columns_tag' => 'Choose one group at least',

	'failed_to_change_the_length_of_columns' => 'Failed to change the length of columns',

	'choose_to_delete_pictures' => 'Please choose one picture to delete.',

	'choose_to_delete_the_topic' => 'Please choose one topic to delete.',

	'there_is_no_designated_users_columns' => 'The designated users columns do not exist.',
	'choose_to_delete_the_columns' => 'Please choose columns to delete.',
	'have_one_mtag' => 'Delete failed, you need to keep at least one Group',

	'the_correct_choice_to_delete_the_poll' => 'Please choose one poll to delete.',

	'the_right_to_report_the_specified_id' => 'Please report the correct ID',

	'please_delete_the_correct_choice_to_share' => 'Please choose one share to delete.',

	'designated_users_do_not_exist' => 'Designated users do not exist.',
	'choose_to_delete_the_space' => 'Please choose space to delete.',
	'not_have_permission_to_operate_founder' => 'You do not have permission to operate founder.',
	'uc_error' => 'UC communication error.',

	'choose_to_reconsider_statistical_data_types' => 'Please choose statistical data types to re-calculate',
	'data_processing_please_wait_patiently' => '<a href="\\1"> processing ( \\2 ), please wait...</a> (<a href="\\3"> Force Stop </a>)',

	'choose_to_delete_the_tag' => 'Please choose one tag to delete.',
	'to_merge_the_tag_name_of_the_length_discrepancies' => 'Length of specified TAG want to merge invalid(1~30 chars)',
	'the_tag_choose_to_merge' => 'Please choose one tag to merge.',
	'choose_to_operate_tag' => 'Please choose one tag to operate.',

	'designated_template_files_can_not_be_restored' => 'The designated template files can not be restored.',
	'template_files_editing_failure_check_directory_competence' => 'Template files editing failure. Please check directory permissions. ',

	'choosing_to_operate_the_topic' => 'Please choose one topic to operate.',

	'user_group_does_not_exist' => 'This user group does not exist.',
	'user_group_were_not_empty' => 'User group can not be empty.',
	'integral_limit_duplication_with_other_user_group' => 'Point limit conflicts with other user group.',
	'system_user_group_could_not_be_deleted' => 'System user group can not be deleted.',
	'integral_limit_error' => 'Point limit error, no less than 999999999 and no greater than -999999998',

	'my_register_sucess' => 'User app services opened',
	'my_register_error' => 'Failed to open user app service due to£º<br>\\2 (ERRCODE:\\1)<br><br><a href="http://www.discuz.net/index.php?gid=141" target="_blank">Please visit forum for help.</a>¡£',
	'sitefeed_error' => 'Please enter the correct feed and title',

	'choose_to_delete_the_columns_event'=>'Please select even which you want to delete',
	'choose_to_grade_the_columns_event'=>'Please Select one status, new status can not be same as old',
	'have_no_eventclass'=>'Leave at least one event, Can not delete all,',
	'poster_only_jpg_allowed'=>'Only supported .jpg format'


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