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	$Id: lang_cp.php 13194 2009-08-18 07:44:40Z liguode $

if(!defined('IN_UCHOME')) {
	exit('Access Denied');

$_SGLOBAL['cplang'] = array(

'by' => 'By',
	'tab_space' => ' ',
	'feed_comment_space' => '{actor} replied {touser} on the wall',
	'feed_comment_image' => '{actor} commented {touser} image',
	'feed_comment_blog' => '{actor} commented {touser} Blog',
	'feed_comment_poll' => '{actor} commented {touser} Poll',
	'feed_comment_event' => '{actor} commented {touser} Event',
	'feed_comment_share' => '{actor} commentet {touser} shared link',
	'share' => 'Share',
	'share_action' => 'Shared',
	'note_wall' => 'posted on your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">wall</a>',
	'note_wall_reply' => 'replied your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">post</a>',
	'note_pic_comment' => 'commented on your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">picture</a>',
	'note_pic_comment_reply' => 'replied your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">picture comment</a>',
	'note_blog_comment' => 'commented on your blog <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_blog_comment_reply' => 'replied your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">blog comment</a>',
	'note_poll_comment' => 'commented on your poll <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_poll_comment_reply' => 'replied your<a href="\\1" target="_blank">poll comment</a>',
	'note_share_comment' => 'commented on your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">shared</a>',
	'note_share_comment_reply' => 'replied your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">shared comment</a>',
	'note_event_comment' => 'commented on your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">Event</a>?',
	'note_event_comment_reply' => 'replied your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">event comment</a>',
	'note_show_out' => 'you last point on auction ranking board have been deducted after visiting your space',
	'note_space_bar' => 'Congrats!, Your space has been set as recomonded space to other users',

	'note_click_blog' => 'to your Blog <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> has an appraisal',
	'note_click_thread' => 'to your discussion <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> has an appraisal',
	'note_click_pic' => 'to your <a href="\\1" target="_blank">Image</a> has an appraisal',

	'wall_pm_subject' => 'Hey, I left message on your wall',

	'wall_pm_message' => 'I left a message on your wall,[url=\\1] Click here to check out[/url]',
	'note_showcredit' => 'sent you \\1 credits as a gift to increase ranking on the <a href="space.php?do=top" target="_blank">your rank</a> on auction board',
	'feed_showcredit' => '{actor} sent you {fusername} {credit} credits to help increase ranking on the <a href="space.php?do=top" target="_blank">Ranking Action Board</a>',
	'feed_showcredit_self' => '{actor} increased {credit} credits to increase ranking on the <a href="network.php?ac=space&view=show" target="_blank">Credit auction ranking</a>',
	'feed_doing_title' => '{actor}:{message}',	'note_doing_reply' => ' <a href="\\1" target="_blank">reply</a> your status',
	'feed_friend_title' => '{actor} and {touser} Become friend',
	'note_friend_add' => 'became your friend',
	'note_poll_invite' => 'invite to vote for <a href="\\1" target="_blank">«\\2?/a>\\3Poll',
	'reward' => 'reward',
	'reward_info' => 'Vote and get \\1 Credi',
	'poll_separator' => '"¡¢"',

	'feed_upload_pic' => '{actor} uploaded new picture',

	'feed_click_blog' => '{actor} sent one ¡°{click}¡±to {touser} blog {subject}',
	'feed_click_thread' => '{actor} sent one ¡°{click}¡±to {touser} discussion {subject}',
	'feed_click_pic' => '{actor} sent one ¡°{click}¡±to {touser} image',

	'friend_subject' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 sent you a friend request</a>',
	'comment_friend' =>'<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 left you a comment</a>',
	'photo_comment' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 commented on your photo</a>',
	'blog_comment' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 commented on your blog</a>',
	'poll_comment' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 commented on your poll</a>',
	'share_comment' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 commented on your share</a>',
	'friend_pm' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 sent you a message</a>',
	'poke_subject' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 sent you a greeting</a>',
	'mtag_reply' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 replied your topic</a>',
	'event_comment' => '<a href="\\2" target="_blank">\\1 commented on your event</a>',

	'friend_pm_reply' => '\\1 replied your PM',
	'comment_friend_reply' => '\\1 replied your wall message',
	'blog_comment_reply' => '\\1 replied your blog comment',
	'photo_comment_reply' => '\\1 replied your picture comment',
	'poll_comment_reply' => '\\1 replied your poll comment',
	'share_comment_reply' => '\\1 replied your shared link comment',
	'event_comment_reply' => '\\1 replied your event comment',

	'invite_subject' => '\\1 invited you to join \\2, and become their friend',
	'invite_massage' => '<table border="0">
		<td valign="top">\\1</td>
		<td valign="top">
		<h3>Hi How ya doing?£¬I am  from \\2£¬I want to share with you this Chongqing Local Facebook site  \\3 I have built my personal home page. I would like to invite you and become my friend.</h3><br>
		This is all about ChongQing and us, Really I love it. We can share and exhange our stuff here, such Discussion, Personal info, Weekend plan, Blog, photos, Stauts what doing etc. and best part is their forum is so cool and full of information and well orgnize, no mess. Also you can join my some groups in chingqing such as Cluuber point, Chinese Corner/English Corner, come in these activities and meet people face to face, Let us make one better chongqing<br>
		P.S.: <br>
		<strong>follow below link to join the fun, automatic you will add in my friend list£º</strong><br>
		<a href="\\5">\\5</a><br>
		<strong>If you already have an account with \\3 Follow this link to visit my profile:</strong><br>
		<a href="\\6">\\6</a><br>

	'app_invite_subject' => '\\1 Loacl Facebook back \\2£¬to keep in touch and fun on  \\3',
	'app_invite_massage' => '<table border="0">
		<td valign="top">\\1</td>
		<td valign="top">
		<h3>Hi£¬I am on \\2£¬I am on \\3 playing \\7£¬feel free to join me </h3><br>
		<strong>Click the link below to accept friend invite for \\7£º</strong><br>
		<a href="\\5">\\5</a><br>
		<strong>If you already have account on \\3, please click this link to visit my profile: </strong><br>
		<a href="\\6">\\6</a><br>

	'feed_mtag_add' => '{actor} created a new group {mtags}',
	'note_members_grade_-9' => 'blocked you at <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_members_grade_-2' => 'put you on waiting list of <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_members_grade_-1' => 'blocked allowed to discuss in <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_members_grade_0' => 'changed you to a normal member of <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_members_grade_1' => 'featured you to the Star member of <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'note_members_grade_8' => 'changed you to the Mod of <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> ',
	'note_members_grade_9' => 'changed you to the Admin of <a href="space.php?do=mtag&tagid=\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'feed_mtag_join' => '{actor} joined group {mtag} ({field})',
	'mtag_joinperm_2' => 'Require invitation to join',
	'feed_mtag_join_invite' => '{actor} accepted invitation of {fromusername} to join {mtag} ({field})',
	'person' => 'person',
	'delete' => 'delete',

	'space_update' => '{actor} be SHOW up',

	'active_email_subject' => 'Your eamil activation',
	'active_email_msg' => 'please copy and paste the url to your browser, and activate your email, <br>actication link: <br><a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\1</a>',
	'share_space' => 'Share a user',
	'note_share_space' => 'shareed your profile',
	'share_blog' => 'shared your blog',
	'note_share_blog' => 'shared your blog <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'share_album' => 'shared an album',
	'note_share_album' => 'shared your album <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'default_albumname' => 'Default Album',
	'share_image' => 'shared a picture',
	'album' => 'Album',
	'note_share_pic' => 'shared \\2 <a href="\\1" target="_blank"> image</a> in',
	'share_thread' => 'shared a topic',
	'mtag' => 'Group',
	'note_share_thread' => 'shared your topic <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'share_mtag' => 'shared a group',
	'share_mtag_membernum' => 'total {membernum} member',
	'share_tag' => 'shared a tag',
	'share_tag_blognum' => 'Total {blognum} blog',
	'share_link' => 'shared a website',
	'share_video' => 'shared a video',
	'share_music' => 'shared a music',
	'share_flash' => 'shared a Flash',
	'share_event' => 'shared an event',
	'share_poll' => 'shared a poll',
	'note_share_poll' => 'shared your poll<a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_time' => 'Event Time',
	'event_location' => 'Event Venue',
	'event_creator' => 'Organizer',
	'feed_task' => '{actor} Completed the task with credits {task}',
	'feed_task_credit' => '{actor} Completed task {task}£¬get {credit} credits',
	'the_default_style' => 'Default style',
	'the_diy_style' => 'Custom style',
	'feed_thread' => '{actor} created new topic',
	'feed_eventthread' => '{actor} ceated new event',

	'feed_thread_reply' => '{actor} replied discussion {touser} of {thread}',
	'note_thread_reply' => 'eplied your discussion',
	'note_post_reply' => 'in <a href=\\"\\1\\" target="_blank">\\2</a> replied your <a href=\\"\\3\\" target="_blank">comment</a>',
	'thread_edit_trail' => '<ins class="modify">[This discussion \\1 \\2 edited]</ins>',
	'create_a_new_album' => 'created new album',
	'not_allow_upload' => 'Not allowed to upload',
	'get_passwd_subject' => 'password retrieval email',
	'get_passwd_message' => 'Click the link below to reset your password, this link is valid within 3 days£º<br />\\1<br />(copy and paste the link into your browser if the link is not clickable)<br />.',
	'file_is_too_big' => 'File size is too big',
	'feed_blog_password' => '{actor} posted a new secret blog{subject}',
	'feed_blog' => '{actor} posted a new Blog',
	'feed_poll' => '{actor} posted a new Poll',
	'note_poll_finish' => 'your poll<a href="\\1" target="_blank">¡¶\\2¡·</a>has been closed,<a href="\\1" target="_blank">give your opinion</a>',
	'take_part_in_the_voting' => '{actor} voted {touser} poll, got {reward} <a href="{url}" target="_blank">{subject}</a>',
	'lack_of_access_to_upload_file_size' => 'upload failed, due to your space access',
	'only_allows_upload_file_types' => 'only jpg¡¢gif¡¢png are allowed',
	'unable_to_create_upload_directory_server' => 'cannot create directory on server',
	'inadequate_capacity_space' => 'Your hosting space is full',
	'mobile_picture_temporary_failure' => 'cannot move temporary pictures',
	'ftp_upload_file_size' => 'Upload failed',
	'comment' => 'Comment',
	'upload_a_new_picture' => 'New image uploaded',
	'upload_album' => 'Album updated',
	'the_total_picture' => 'total \\1 images',
	'feed_invite' => '{actor} invited {username} to become friend',
	'note_invite' => 'accepted your friend request',
	'space_open_subject' => 'Please log in and design, give nice and clean look to your profile',
	'space_open_message' => 'hi£¬since long time you did not visited and respond some users, there are some pending tasks. visit and respond it here is you space link£º\\1space.php',
	'feed_space_open' => '{actor} created space, please visit',

	'feed_profile_update_base' => '{actor} Updated their basic information',
	'feed_profile_update_contact' => '{actor} Updated their contact details',
	'feed_profile_update_edu' => '{actor} Updated their Education detials',
	'feed_profile_update_work' => '{actor} Updated their work information',
	'feed_profile_update_info' => '{actor} Updated their personal information',

	'apply_mtag_manager' => 'would like to join <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> reasons:\\3. (click here to access Contol panel) <a href="\\1" target="_blank"></a>',
	'feed_add_attachsize' => '{actor} used {credit} to obtain more space {size}, Now you can upload more image(stufff) (<a href="cp.php?ac=credit&op=addsize">I want to obtain too more space</a>)',

	'event_set_delete' => 'Admin has deleted this event \\1',
	'event_set_verify' => 'Your event has been approved, visit <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_set_unverify' => 'this event rejected by Admin <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_set_recommend' => 'Your event featured, recommended to other users <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_set_unrecommend' => 'Your event is not recommended by admin to other <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_set_open' => 'This event is opened by Admin, <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_set_close' => 'This event is closed by Admin, <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_add' => '{actor} added new event',
	'event_feed_info' => '<strong>{title}</strong><br/>Location£º{province} {city} {location} <br/>Time£º{starttime} - {endtime}',
	'event_join' => '{actor} attending <a href="space.php?uid={uid}" target="_blank">{username}</a> event <a href="space.php?do=event&id={eventid}" target="_blank">{title}</a>',
	'event_join_member' => 'attending evcent <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_quit_member' => 'not attending event <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_join_verify' => 'waiting for approval <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>£¬quickly <a href="\\3" target="_blank">Approv</a>',
	'eventmember_set_verify' => 'you are approved to join this event <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'eventmember_unset_verify' => 'for this event <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> you are in waiting list',
	'eventmember_set_admin' => 'You have promoted to event <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> Organizer',
	'eventmember_unset_admin' => 'You have been removed to event <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> Organizer',
	'eventmember_set_delete' => 'You are not eligible to join <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a>',
	'event_feed_share_pic_title'=>'{actor} shared the new image to the event album',
	'event_feed_share_pic_info'=>'<b><a href="space.php?do=event&id={eventid}&view=pic" target="_blank">{title}</a></b><br/>total {picnum} images',
	'event_accept_invite' => 'you are invited to join event <a href="\\1" target="_blank">\\2</a> ',
	'event_accept_success' => 'attending this event£¬now you can £º<a href="\\1" target="_blank">access this event</a>',

	'magicunit' => 'unit',
	'magic_note_wall' => 'left the <a href="\\1" target="_blank">Comment</a>',
	'magic_call' => '\\1 you are in this magic board£¬<a href="\\2" target="_blank">click here to View</a>',
	'magicuse_thunder_announce_title' => '<strong>{username} issued¡°THUNDER Shout¡±</strong>',
	'magicuse_thunder_announce_body' => 'Hi all of you£¬No I got the powerful space<br><a href="space.php?uid={uid}" target="_blank">Please visit and leave your foot prints at my space</a>',
	'magic_present_note' => 'give you one props  \\1, <a href="\\2">Please accept it, view here</a>',
	//common users will receive the upgrade props
	'upgrade_magic_award' => 'Congratulations! on your upgrade/high level Ranking \\1£¬Accept the following props\\2',
	//System presented prop to user
	'present_user_magics' => 'System gifted you this props as reward \\1',
	'has_not_more_doodle' => 'You do not have Graffiti Zone',

	'do_stat_login' => 'Users Visit',
	'do_stat_register' => 'Register New User',
	'do_stat_invite' => 'Invite Friends',
	'do_stat_appinvite' => 'Invite Apps',
	'do_stat_add' => 'Information',
	'do_stat_comment' => 'Comment details',
	'do_stat_space' => 'Space Stat',
	'do_stat_login' => 'Users Visit',
	'do_stat_doing' => 'Doin',
	'do_stat_blog' => 'Blog',
	'do_stat_pic' => 'Photo',
	'do_stat_poll' => 'Poll',
	'do_stat_event' => 'Event',
	'do_stat_share' => 'Share',
	'do_stat_thread' => 'Topic',
	'do_stat_docomment' => 'Comment back',
	'do_stat_blogcomment' => 'Blog Comments',
	'do_stat_piccomment' => 'Photo Comments',
	'do_stat_pollcomment' => 'Poll Comments',
	'do_stat_pollvote' => 'Votes',
	'do_stat_eventcomment' => 'Event Comments',
	'do_stat_eventjoin' => 'My past event',
	'do_stat_sharecomment' => 'Share comments',
	'do_stat_post' => 'Topic Replies',
	'do_stat_click' => 'Statics',
	'do_stat_wall' => 'Wall',
	'do_stat_poke' => 'Poke'

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