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define('Informations', 'News'); 
define('PasdeNews', 'There is no news for the moment'); 
define('Accueil', 'Home'); 
define('Par', 'by');
define('Administration', 'Admin');   
define('Connexion', 'Connection'); 
define('Code', 'Password');   
define('Login', 'Identifier');
define('Ok', 'Send'); 

define('Articles', 'Articles');
define('Ecrire', 'Write');
define('Images', 'Images');   
define('Configuration', 'Configuration');  
define('Voirleblog', 'See the blog');  
define('Deconnexion', 'Logout');

define('Titre', 'Title');
define('Auteur', 'Author');
define('Supprimer', 'Delete');   
define('Editer', 'Edit');  

define('Fichier', 'File');   
define('Lien', 'Link'); 

define('Date', 'Time');   
define('Chapo', 'Summary'); 

define('Langue', 'Language'); 
define('Gerant', 'Webmaster');

define('Minutes', 'minutes'); 
define('Secondes', 'seconds'); 
define('TempsSessions', 'The session will automatically close');

define('BonneVersion', 'Your version of UAG CMS is updated'); 
define('MauvaiseVersion', 'Your version of CMS UAG is not update'); 

define('Mots', 'Developer News'); 
define('Pays', 'The system is currently in English.'); 

define('Janvier', 'January');
define('Fevrier', 'February');
define('Mars', 'March');
define('Avril', 'April');
define('Mai', 'May');
define('Juin', 'June');
define('Juillet', 'July');
define('Aout', 'August');
define('Septembre', 'September');
define('Octobre', 'October');
define('Novembre', 'November');
define('Decembre', 'December');

define('Nonrenseigne', 'Not informed');
define('Monde', 'World');
define('Profil', 'Profile');
define('Defaut', 'Default');
define('Loisirs', 'Interests : This area is filled');
define('error', 'The answer to the page disappeared, destroyed, moved or otherwise.');
define('Note', 'Score');

define('AdresseSite', 'Url Website ');
define('LienAdmin', 'Url Admin');
define('Pagination', 'Paging');

define('BienvenueConfig', 'Welcome to the configuration, you can configure : ');
define('General', 'General');
define('Theme', 'Theme');
define('Menu', 'Menu');

define('Profila', 'Configure the entire blog');
define('Generala', 'Complete details about you');
define('Themea', 'Customize the graphics of the theme');
define('Menua', 'Add additional menus');

define('Jour', 'Day');
define('Mois', 'Month');
define('Annee', 'Year');
define('Monde', 'World');

define('Nota', '(If you want to add a score with your article rating on video games, manga, movies ... )');

define('Articla', 'Your article title');
define('Articlb', 'Summary of the article for search engines.');

define('Prenom', 'First Name');
define('Nom', 'Last Name');
define('Datedenaissance', 'Date of birth');
define('Paysa', 'Country');
define('Photo', 'Photo');
define('Twitter', 'Twitter');
define('Facebook', 'Facebook');
define('Googleplus', 'Google +');
define('Activite', 'Activity');
define('Biographie', 'Biography');
define('Loisirsa', 'Interests');

define('Prenoma', 'Your first Name');
define('Noma', 'Your Last Name');
define('Photoa', 'A photo of you');
define('Twittera', 'Your Twitter account');
define('Facebooka', 'Your Facebook account');
define('Googleplusa', 'Your Google + account');
define('Activitea', 'Programmer, Merchant, etc');
define('Biographiea', 'Few words about yourself');
define('Loisirsaa', 'Video Games, Manga, Etc');

define('Codea', 'Password connection');

define('Titreb', 'Title of your blog');
define('Webmasterb', 'Name displayed on the blog');
define('Urlb', 'URL of your site');
define('Loginb', 'Your login name');

define('Banniere', 'Banner');
define('Menu', 'Menu');

define('Titrec', 'Title');
define('Lienc', 'Link');
define('Titred', 'Menu title');
define('Liend', 'Menu link');

define('TitreBanniere', 'Banner Title');
define('LienBanniere', 'Banner Link');

define('LienBackground', 'Link to the background image');
define('LienFavicon', 'Link Favicon (icon))');

define('Pagingi', 'New to Old');
define('Pagingii', 'Old to New');

define('urli', 'Url untitled');
define('urlii', 'Url with title');
define('urliii', 'No rewriting');

define('urliiii', 'Show');
define('urliiiii', 'Hide');

define('Lettre', 'Letters');
define('Chiffre', 'Numbers');
define('Modificationeffectuee', 'Changes made ! Redirect in progress ...');

define('ImageUpload', 'You must upload an image, you will be redirected :)');
define('ImageGros', 'The file is too big ... You will be redirected :)');
define('ImageSuccess', 'Upload completed successfully! You will be redirected :)');
define('ImageEchec', 'Failed to upload! You will be redirected :)');
define('ImageDelete', 'Removal completed successfully! You will be redirected :)');

define('NewsDelOn', 'The news has been deleted !');
define('NewsDelOff', 'The news does not exist .');
define('NewsAdd', 'The news has been added !');
define('NewsEdit', 'The news has been published.');

define('Retour', 'Return');
define('Install', 'Installation is complete!');

define('Erreuracceuila', 'THE SITE DEVELOPER IS OFFLINE');
define('Erreuracceuilb', 'The developer\'s website is temporarily unavailable or down for maintenance.');

define('NON', 'NO');
define('OUI', 'YES');
define('CHMODCORRECT', 'CHMOD is it good ?');
define('CHMODCORRECT2', 'CHMOD the directories should be <b>777</b> and files <b>666</b> .');

define('CONFIGOUI', 'The configuration page is enabled, you can configure your blog .');
define('IMAGESOUI', 'Form the image is activated, you can send pictures .');
define('ARTICLOUI', 'Items are enabled, you can write or edit an article .');

define('CONFIGNON', 'The file "configuration.txt" must be CHMOD 666 .');
define('IMAGESNON', 'The folder "Images" should be CHMOD 777 .');
define('ARTICLNON', 'The file "News.php" must be CHMOD 666 .');

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