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Title: Images
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Markdown supports images and graphics much like the links. The main difference is the exclamation mark `!` before the square brackets. The image syntax also supports references:

![alternative text](/path/to/image.jpg)

![alternative text](/path/to/image.jpg "Optional title")

The alternative text goes to the `alt` attribute in the HTML code.

Image references are very similar to the link ones:

    ![Alternative text][id]
where "id" is a reference label. The image reference definition also looks familiar:

    [id]: /path/to/image.jpg  "Optional title"
More information can be found in the [link chapter][docs.syntax.links].

Images in TypeFriendly

Referring to the external images has absolutely no sense in the user manual which can be read and used off-line. In TF, the image files are located in the `/input/LANGUAGE/media` directory. Note that each language version has its own directory, so that you can translate also the texts on the pictures. During the processing, TypeFriendly moves this directory to `/output`.

**Sample image**

> ![Chart](media/graph.png)  
> **Sample image**

In our docs, the `graph.png` file is located in `/input/en/media` directory.
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