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Title: Directory structure


The TypeFriendly project must have a proper directory structure. Create somewhere a new directory - in this manual we will mark it as `/`. Then, add some new directories and files to it:


The rules are simple. The `/input` directory contains the subdirectories representing the various language versions of the book. Inside them, we place text files with the content. TypeFriendly generates the output files to the `/output` directory, so it must have some write access there. Directly in the main directory, we put the configuration files common to all the language versions. The most important is `settings.ini` with the configuration. `sort_hints.txt` contains our own sorting rules. Their structure will be introduced in the next chapters.

Optionally, the language version subdirectories may also contain `/input/LANGUAGE/media` and `/input/LANGUAGE/templates` directories for:

+ media files (images, charts, etc.)
+ content templates

They will be also described later.
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