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# txt.page v1.0 Final: http://www.desiquintans.com/txtpage
# txt.page is free under version 2 or later of the GPL.
# This program is distributed with cursory support, but without
# warranty or guarantee of any sort.

    This is the setup file for txt.page. Here you can set the whitelist defining which .txt files users are allowed to
    view and set breadcrumbs for each page. Whitelist entries are in the form of
            ['filename without extension' => 'breadcrumb text',].
    You may use HTML within the breadcrumbs. Escape any apostrophes you use with a backslash (\').  Do now supply a comma
    at the end of the last entry. Remember to leave the .txt off the filename.

$whitelist = array(
// There MUST be an entry called 'invalid' and a page called invalid.txt. It is called when a user tries to access a page
// that isn't on the whitelist.
'invalid' => '<a href="index.php">Manual</a> > 404 Page not found',

// There MUST be an entry called 'index' and a page called index.txt. It is called when a user accesses index.php without
// a query string.
'index' => '<a href="index.php">Manual</a>',

// The rest of the entries are optional.
'readme' => '<a href="index.php">Manual</a> > The txt.page Readme'
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