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<h2>Some characteristics of extended regular expressions are:</h2>
<li>`<b>.</b>' matches <b>any</b> single character. 
<li>A character class `<b>[...]</b>' matches <b>any character within the brackets</b>. <br>For example, `[abc]' matches `a', `b', or `c'. To name a range of characters, use a dash. `[a-z]' matches any lowercase letter, whereas `[0-9]' matches any digit. 
<li>`<b>*</b>' matches <b>zero or more instances</b> of the thing preceding it. <br>For example, `x*' matches any number of `x' characters, `[0-9]*' matches any number of digits, and `.*' matches any number of anything. 
<li>The pattern matches if it occurs anywhere in the value being tested. (SQL patterns match only if they match the entire value.) 
<li>To anchor a pattern so that it must match the <b>beginning or end</b> of the value being tested, use `<b>^</b>' at the beginning or `<b>$</b>' at the end of the pattern. 


To find a movie that is 70-99 minutes long:<br>
^[7-9].$ in Time

For an or statement use <b>|</b>:<br>

To find names beginning with `d', use `^' to match the beginning of the name: 

To find names ending with `fy', use `$' to match the end of the name: 

To find names containing exactly five characters, use `^' and `$' to match the beginning and end of the name, and five instances of `.' in between: 

You could also write the previous query using the `{n}' ``repeat-n-times'' operator: 

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