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/* $Id: install_lang.php,v 0.8 mason Exp $ */
          TPEngine - PHP/MySQL Protocol System
            (c) 2005 by
               Thomas Merkel      <hide@address.com>
               David Hoess	  <hide@address.com>
	       Uwe Schiber	  <hide@address.com>

          download the latest version:

          This  program is  free  software;  you can
          redistribute it and/or modify it under the
          terms of the GNU General Public License as
          published by the Free Software Foundation;
          either  version 2 of  the License,  or (at
          your option) any later version.



//!TODO: more than one language ...
$a_lang = array(
	'en' => array()

/* english */
$a_lang['en']['desc'] = 'English';

$a_lang['en']['next'] = 'Next';
$a_lang['en']['back'] = 'Back';
$a_lang['en']['error'] = 'Error';
$a_lang['en']['login'] = 'Login';
$a_lang['en']['adminpwtooshort'] = 'The admin-password is too short (min. 5 chars)!';
$a_lang['en']['updatesuccess'] = 'Update successful';
$a_lang['en']['updatesuccesstxt'] = 'The update was completed successfully.';
$a_lang['en']['notfound'] = 'The specified script was not found!';
$a_lang['en']['cantexec'] = 'The update cannot be executed. (Version mismatch)';
$a_lang['en']['tooold'] = 'Your updater is too old. Please download a new version.';
$a_lang['en']['chmoderror'] = 'Couldn\'t write MySQL data!<br>Please set CHMOD 755, CHMOD 775 or CHMOD 777 (if unsure, choose CHMOD 777) for the directory <b>../inc/</b> and hit the refresh button. Alternatively you can download a configuration file as described in the previous step. Click the back-button of your browser to do so.';
$a_lang['en']['mysqlerror'] = 'Couldn\'t create MySQL database "%s": <b>%s</b>';
$a_lang['en']['connecterror'] = 'Couldn\'t connect to the MySQL database, please verify username and password.<br>MySQL said: <b>%s</b>';
$a_lang['en']['queryerror'] = 'Query execution error: <i>%s</i><br><br>MySQL said: <b>%s</b>';
$a_lang['en']['installation'] = 'installation';
$a_lang['en']['licagreement'] = 'License agreement';
$a_lang['en']['licread'] = 'I accept the license agreement.';
$a_lang['en']['licaccept'] = 'You must agree to the license agreement in order to continue.';
$a_lang['en']['mysqldata'] = 'MySQL data';
$a_lang['en']['entermysqldata'] = 'Please provide your MySQL data.';
$a_lang['en']['mysqlhost'] = 'MySQL hostname/IP address';
$a_lang['en']['mysqluser'] = 'MySQL username';
$a_lang['en']['mysqlpass'] = 'MySQL password';
$a_lang['en']['selectdb'] = 'Select MySQL database';
$a_lang['en']['choosedb'] = 'Please select the database or enter a name below. If the database does not exists, the script will attempt to create it.';
$a_lang['en']['existingdb'] = 'Existing database';
$a_lang['en']['usefield'] = 'Use editfield below';
$a_lang['en']['orname'] = 'or enter name:';
$a_lang['en']['chooseprefix'] = 'Choose MySQL table prefix';
$a_lang['en']['tablelist'] = 'The database <b>"%s"</b> currently contains these tables:';
$a_lang['en']['enterprefix'] = 'Please enter a table prefix which will be prepended to the table names. This allows you to run multiple TPEngines in one database.</p> Table prefix:';
$a_lang['en']['dontchange'] = 'Don\'t change if unsure';
$a_lang['en']['deleteexisting'] = 'Overwrite (delete) existing tables';
$a_lang['en']['createadmin'] = 'Create administrator profile';
$a_lang['en']['username'] = 'Username';
$a_lang['en']['email'] = 'Email';
$a_lang['en']['password'] = 'Password';
$a_lang['en']['completing'] = 'Completing the installation';
$a_lang['en']['completingtxt'] = 'Before completing the installation, the MySQL data needs to be saved permanently. In order to create the configuration file the web server requires write access to the directory <b>../inc/</b>. Please set CHMOD 755, CHMOD 775, or, if required, CHMOD 777 for this directory and click next.<br><br><font color="darkred"><b>Note:</b></font> Alternatively you may download a generated config.inc.php file and upload it into the inc/ directory. Please note that the TPEngine is fully installed afterwards and this installation assistant will be no longer available after uploading the file.<br><br><a href="install.php?action=generate_config&hostname=%s&user=%s&pass=%s&db=%s&prefix=%s">Download configuration file</a>';
$a_lang['en']['denied'] = 'Installation denied';
$a_lang['en']['deniedtxt'] = 'The TPEngine is already installed! If you want to re-install the TPEngine, delete the file <b>../inc/config.inc.php</b> and try again.';
$a_lang['en']['selectupdate'] = 'Please choose an update from the list below.';
$a_lang['en']['updateinfo'] = 'Update information';
$a_lang['en']['reqver'] = 'Required version';
$a_lang['en']['newver'] = 'Version after update';
$a_lang['en']['author'] = 'Author';
$a_lang['en']['date'] = 'Date';
$a_lang['en']['executable'] = 'Executable?';
$a_lang['en']['notes'] = 'Notes';
$a_lang['en']['yes'] = 'Yes';
$a_lang['en']['no'] = 'No';
$a_lang['en']['na'] = 'N/A';
$a_lang['en']['infotxt'] = '
                      Welcome to the TPEngine Installation assistant. This install assistant will
					  guide you through the installation process of your TPEngine. Before you start, make
					  sure you have the following information:</p>
                      <li>MySQL Hostname/IP address</li>
                      <li>MySQL Username and Password</li>
                      <li>MySQL Database name (If you aren\'t allowed to create one)</li>
					That information will be provided by your ISP/Hosting service. If you
					do not have that information, contact your ISP or administrator since we can\'t help
					you in that case.
					If you experience any problems during the installation process, feel free to connect us: <a href="mailto:hide@address.com"hide@address.com</a>.';
$a_lang['en']['finished'] = '
<b>Installation completed!</b><br>
You should set the <b>../inc/</b> directory to CHMOD 755.<br>
Remember that you need to set the <b>../templates/css/</b> directory and all css files inide to CHMOD 777.
The installation process was successfully completed. Your TPEngine should be working now.<br>
<li><a target="_blank" href="../">Your TPEngine</a></li>
<li><a target="_blank" href="./index.php">The Admin-Center of your TPEngine</a></li>';
$a_lang['en']['noupdates'] = '
There are currently no updates<br>
Visit the <a href="http://tpengine.sourceforge.net">TPEngine Homepage</a> in order to download updates.'; 

function lng($str)
	global	$lang, $a_lang;
	if( $lang == '' )
		$lng = 'en';
		$lng = $lang;
	if( $a_lang[$lng][$str] )
		return $a_lang[$lng][$str];
		return '*** missing string `'.$str.'ยด';

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