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include "./auth.inc.php";

if (!$month || !$year){

	<P>Date: <SELECT NAME="month">
for ($i=1;$i<13;$i++){
        $monthname=date("F", mktime(0,0,0,$i,2,2000));
        print "<option value=\"$i\"";
        if ($i==$nowm-1){
                print " selected";
        print ">$monthname</option>\n";
?></select> <SELECT NAME="year">
print "<option>";
print date("Y")-1;
print "</option>\n";
print "<option selected>";
print date("Y");
print "</option>\n";
print "<option>";
print date("Y")+1;
print "</option>\n";




$sql = "SELECT min(MasterAccounts.CustomerID),AccountType,min(AccountID), TO_DAYS(now())-TO_DAYS(LastUse) 
	FROM MasterAccounts,SubAccounts 
	WHERE Reseller >0 
	AND Month(CreateDate)=$month 
	AND YEAR(CreateDate)=$year 
	AND MasterAccounts.CustomerID=SubAccounts.CustomerID
	group by MasterAccounts.CustomerID

print "<TABLE BORDER=1>\n"; 

$res = mysql_query($sql);
print mysql_error();
while ($r = mysql_fetch_row($res)){

	#print "$r[3],";

	if ($r[1] != 'dealerspecial' && $r[3] <30){

	#print "<TR>";
	#print "<TD>$r[0]</TD>";
	#print "<TD>$r[1]</TD>";
	#print "</TR>";

while (list($var,$val) = each($ac)){
	print "<TR>";
        print "<TD>$var</TD>";
        print "<TD>$val</TD>";
        print "</TR>";

print "<TR><TD><B>Total</B></TD>";
print "<TD>$i</TD></TR>";

Signup Churn is <?
$c = intval(100 * $ac[dealerspecial]/$i);

print $c;

Of those that Joined, we kept <? echo intval(100*$kept /($i - $ac[dealerspecial])) ?>% of them to date.
This makes <? echo intval(100 * ($i - $kept)/$i) ?>% churn overall

<P><A HREF="dsused.php?month=<? echo $month ?>&year=<? echo $year ?>">Show Resources used by these

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