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--- TorrentVolve Installation Guide ---
---           for Ubuntu            ---
---                                 ---
---           TJ Van Cott           ---
---           01.01.2007            ---


TorrentVolve is a cross-platform PHP-driven web-based BitTorrent client. 
It focuses on speed and reliability, while also providing a full 
feature set. It includes a user management system, a Torrent file 
manager, and a configurable Torrent downloader.

The purpose of this installation guide is to provide you with 
easy-to-follow instructions for installing TorrentVolve on top of 

The following packages (and their dependencies) will be installed:
	- apache2
	- php5
	- java-gcj-compat OR sun-java5-jre (which is recommended)
	- unzip

We recommend at least the following system specifications for 
a TorrentVolve server running on Ubuntu:
	- 500 MHz processor
	- 128 MB RAM
	- 20 MB free hard drive space for TorrentVolve installation

Note: This guide was written for Ubuntu 6.10, but it should work for 
other versions of Ubuntu.


The first thing you want to do is download a copy of Ubuntu from 
http://www.ubuntu.com/download. You can install TorrentVolve on any 
flavor of Ubuntu: Desktop, Server or Alternate.

If you need help installing Ubuntu, refer to this helpful installation 
guide: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_6.06.


Once Ubuntu is installed, login using the account you created during the 
installation process.

Install the Apache HTTP Server by running (you'll need to enter the root 
	sudo apt-get install apache2

You should be able to access your Apache server at http://localhost.


Now that Apache is installed, you can install PHP. But first, you need 
to enable other package repositories in your APT's /etc/apt/sources.list 
file by adding or simply uncommenting the following lines (some of these 
lines may already be uncommented):
	deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy universe
	deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy multiverse
In the United States:
	deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy universe
	deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ edgy multiverse

After doing this, update the APT cache:
	sudo apt-get update

Go ahead and install PHP on top of Apache by running the following:
	sudo apt-get install php5


The final package you need to install is the Java runtime. You can 
install one of two packages: java-gcj-compat or sun-java5-jre. We 
recommend using sun-java5-jre, as the Azureus CLI (which is what 
TorrentVolve uses to manage Torrents by default) works much better with 

Run the following to install the java-gcj-compat package: 
	sudo apt-get install java-gcj-compat


You can install sun-java5-jre by following a few steps. First you should 
remove the java-gcj-compat package since Ubuntu uses it as its default 
Java runtime:
	sudo apt-get remove --purge java-gcj-compat

You can now install the sun-java5-jre pacakge:
	sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre

Once you have installed either java-gcj-compat or sun-java5-jre, run the 
"java" command. This command should successfully execute and return its 
syntax help.


Depending on how you installed Ubuntu, you may or may not have the unzip 
package. Run the following to make sure you have unzip installed:
	sudo apt-get install unzip


Download the latest version of TorrentVolve from 
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=179905. The 
installation file will be a .zip file.

If you are using a command-line-only install of Ubuntu, use wget to get 
the TorrentVolve install file:
	wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/torrentvolve/torrentvolve-<version>.zip?download
In our case:
	wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/torrentvolve/torrentvolve-1.3-beta.zip?download

If you plan to use the /var/www folder for your TorrentVolve 
installation, clear out its default contents first:
	sudo rm -r /var/www/*

Unzip TorrentVolve to your chosen installation directory:
	sudo unzip -d <installation directory> torrentvolve-<version>.zip
In our case:
	sudo unzip -d /var/www torrentvolve-1.3-beta.zip

Change to your TorrentVolve installation directory:
	cd <installation directory>
In our case:
	cd /var/www

You need to enable write access to certain TorrentVolve directories:
	sudo chmod a+w config
	sudo chmod a+w site/lib/torrentmodules/tvAzureusBridge/azureusServer

Then, create a download directory for TorrentVolve (this will be where 
the Torrent Module saves downloaded Torrents):
	sudo mkdir <download directory>
In our case:
	sudo mkdir downloads

Like for the other two directories, enable write access to the download 
	sudo chmod a+w <download directory>
In our case:
	sudo chmod a+w downloads

The last step to installing TorrentVolve is pointing your Apache site to 
the TorrentVolve site directory. Open the 
/etc/apache2/sites-available/default file in a text editor:
	example: sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default
	example: sudo vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/default
Find the line:
	DocumentRoot /var/www
And change it to read:
	DocumentRoot <installation directory>
In our case:
	DocumentRoot /var/www/site
Then, find the line:
	<Directory /var/www/>
And change it to read:
	<Directory <installation directory>>
In our case:
	<Directory /var/www/site>

After you have changed the /etc/apache2/sites-available/default file, 
reload the Apache server configuration:
	sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload

You should now be able to access TorrentVolve via http://locahost. 
Fill out the form to configure TorrentVolve.

Thank you for your interest in TorrentVolve! Please direct any questions 
or comments to hide@address.com
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