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* TorrentVolve - Beta                                               *

Installation Notes
Make sure at least PHP 5 and Java 1.5 JRE are installed before 
completing these instructions.
Note: SimpleXML support must be enabled in PHP - this might require
	reconfiguration of PHP on a Linux box with the
	"--enable-simplexml" flag.

Any questions or problems with the installation can be directed to 
the following E-mail for support. hide@address.com

Basic TorrentVolve installation instructions

1. After you have downloaded the project you will then need to setup 
either IIS or Apache to run it on your local network.

2. Copy both the site and config folders to the directory of your choice.

3. Create a new virtual directory in your web server and point the 
directory location to the "site" folder.

4. Make sure php has write and read access to the config folder.

5. Go to the web site via your browser. You should be redirected to 
the Install.php page.

6. After filling out the form and clicking submit you should get 
an installation successful conformation page that will provide a 
login link. Click that.

7. Now you can login with the admin Username and password.

8. When the install runs, make sure you specify read and write access to
the directory you specified with the install.

9. If the login is successful you should be taken to the index page 
where you can view your torrents and drive information. 

Doesn't work? Windows instructions

Essentially, you need to grant your IIS/Apache user account full 
access to the directory in which TorrentVolve is installed.  
For IIS, this includes both the IUSR_<machine name> and 
IWAM_<machine name> accounts.

These same permissions should be granted on the download directory 
you specify in the step below.

For Windows installations, you need to be aware of the permissions 
on your PHP temporary directory (C:\Windows\temp by default).  When 
PHP moves uploaded files from this temporary directory, the permissions 
are taken from the temporary directory, not the destination directory 
(the specified download directory, in this case).  Again, full access 
should be granted to IUSR_<machine name> and IWAM_<machine name> 
on the PHP temporary directory.

When TorrentVolve needs access to the Windows NT command line, it uses 
the C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe executable.  On some IIS/Windows installations, 
you must grant read/execute access to IUSR_<machine name> 
on this executable because all access is denied by default.

Finally, you need to make sure PHP has a writable session and upload directory.
Do this by editing your PHP.INI file as follows:

	Set upload_tmp_dir equal to a directory on your hard drive that IIS
	(IUSR_<machine name> and IWAM_<machine name> accounts) can read and
	write to (example: upload_tmp_dir="C:\PHP\upload").

	Do that same for the session save directory
	(example: session.save_path="C:\PHP\session").

Doesn't work? Linux instructions

chmod a+w <download directory> - This is the directory that you are going to set 
torrentvolve to download all of the torrents.
chmod a+w config - The config folder mentioned on the previous installation
chmod a+w site/lib/torrentmodules/tvAzureusBridge/azureusServer - Inside TorrentVolve, 
this is where the azureus server that is prepackaged with the installation. If you are
using a custom downloading module, then this doesn't apply.
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