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TorrentTrader v2.xx should be regarded as a new branch of the torrenttrader project,
there are many code changes within the backend and overall functions that make many
v1.x modifications incompatiable without modification

TorrentTrader v2.xx is best used as a fresh install to avoid problems.

HOWEVER: We have created a guide for those who would like to upgrade to v2.xx from v1.05+
(we do not advise this for people who are not familiar with PHP or MYSQL)

This guide can be found within our v2 secion of the forums at www.torrenttrader.org

Here is the basics of what the guide will do.
- Enable you to keep all users and .torrents of your v1 install
- Upgrade your database to v2 spec's

-Upgrading is at your own risk!!!
-Upgrading is not reversable (make sure you have backups)
-You will need to adjust all torrents categories to include main cats
-You will need to adjust all staff members
-You will need to adjust member classes where needed
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