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<p>Hello and welcome to my website :) This website was set-up using the TinyCMS script from the cool people over at TinyCMS.net - It's so simple! You can either use the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor or use raw HTML code, there's no blocks in place to prevent you using certain HTML as this is simply an easy way to get a website up 'n running, with some sexy javascript too.</p>
<p>TinyCMS is very easy to customize, you need only understand the basics of the HTML language. Well, not even that really. Our documentation explains theme integration in full, with an easy to understand, picture to picture tutorial. You'll also be happy to know, by following our, tiny tutorial, the AJAX page loading scripts will automatically work with any design/template you are using.</p>
<p>No code on TinyCMS is encrypted (yay), which kinda means it is open source, right? Well, you can open up the PHP files in any text editor and customize the script to your liking whether it be adding or removing components. The one thing we ask of you, very kindly, please don't remove the footer link from the admin panel. You may remove the footer link from the main website. If you wish to support the development of future versions of TinyCMS, new features for example, please visit <a title="TinyCMS Link" href="http://tinycms.net" target="_blank">TinyCMS.net</a>&nbsp;and donate by clicking the "Donate" link. We don't have a set donation price, even donating 10p would assist us in some way, if 10 people donated 10p it'd be 1 pound! See, awesome. Anyone who donates to the project will have the option to email us with your website URL and name, we'll link to your website from TinyCMS.net!</p>
<p>We're sorry for rambling on about things you probably don't care about, but for those unique few who enjoy reading long pages of content, we salute you, because we like reading too.</p>
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