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/*Load a conf file and provide means of fetching values.
    Uses same syntax as php.ini (";" is comment)
	value pairs are like:  
user = john
pass = myfoot

Conf Files should start with:
;<?php exit();?>

so they aren't web readable.
$j_confVariables_master=array();//This holds the master (english) list.  We refer to this if the supplemental lang file is hosed up or incomplete.
function j_loadConfFile($file,$exitOnError=true,$markAsMasterList=false){//Returns number of variables read, 0 if none.  you can mark this file as the master superset.
    global $j_confVariables,$j_confVariables_master;
	}else{echo "error parsing file: $file.  You can try correcting or deleting errant file, or download latest version from tincanjukebox.com.  Sorry... exiting.";;exit;}
        echo "Fatal error in ".$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']."(".$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'].").  Conf File '$file' does not exist in this directory!";
    return count($j_confVariables);
function _conf($key,$getFromMasterList=false){/*Returns value for key.  If none defined, returns
                      empty string.  If $getFromMasterList is passed true, then we fetch out of the master list (if defined)*/
    global $j_confVariables,$j_confVariables_master;
    if($getFromMasterList & count($j_confVariables_master)>0){
    return $ret;
function j_setConfValue($key,$val){
    global $j_confVariables;
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