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// $Header: /cvsroot/tsheet/timesheet.php/task_info.php,v 1.5 2004/07/02 14:15:56 vexil Exp $
// Authenticate
if (!$authenticationManager->isLoggedIn()) {
	Header("Location: login.php?redirect=$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]");

// Connect to database.
$dbh = dbConnect();
$contextUser = strtolower($_SESSION['contextUser']);

//load local vars from superglobals
$task_id = $_REQUEST['task_id'];

//build query
$query_task = "SELECT DISTINCT task_id, name, description,status, ".
				"DATE_FORMAT(assigned, '%M %d, %Y') as assigned,".
				"DATE_FORMAT(started, '%M %d, %Y') as started,".
				"DATE_FORMAT(suspended, '%M %d, %Y') as suspended,".
				"DATE_FORMAT(completed, '%M %d, %Y') as completed ".
			"WHERE $TASK_TABLE.task_id=$task_id ".
					"ORDER BY $TASK_TABLE.task_id";

//get the proj_id for this task
if (!isset($proj_id)) {
	list($qh, $num) = $proj_id = dbQuery("SELECT proj_id FROM $TASK_TABLE WHERE task_id='$task_id'");
	$results = dbResult($qh);
	$proj_id = $results["proj_id"];

$query_project = "SELECT DISTINCT title, description,".
			"DATE_FORMAT(start_date, '%M %d, %Y') as start_date,".
			"DATE_FORMAT(deadline, '%M %d, %Y') as deadline,".
			"proj_status, proj_leader ".
		"WHERE $PROJECT_TABLE.proj_id=$proj_id";

<title>Task Info</title>
include ("header.inc");
<body width="100%" height="100%" style="margin: 0px;" <?php include ("body.inc"); ?> >
<table border="0" width="100%" height="100%" align="center" valign="center">

		list($qh, $num) = dbQuery($query_task);
		if ($num > 0) {
			$data_task = dbResult($qh);

				<table width="100%" border="0" class="section_body">
						<td valign="center">
							<span class="project_title"><?php echo stripslashes($data_task["name"]); ?></span>
							&nbsp;<span class="project_status">&lt;<?php echo $data_task["status"]; ?>&gt;</span><br>
								<?php echo stripslashes($data_task["description"]); ?>
						<td align="left" colspan="2" align="top">
							<span class="label">Assigned persons:</span><br>
			//get assigned users
			list($qh3, $num_3) = dbQuery("SELECT username, task_id FROM $TASK_ASSIGNMENTS_TABLE WHERE task_id=$data_task[task_id]");
			if ($num_3 > 0) {
				while ($data_3 = dbResult($qh3)) {
					print "$data_3[username] ";
			else {
				print "<i>None</i>";


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