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///Information of how rules.php should be formatted and some samples
	- each rule should be an array of at least 2 elements, but possibly 3 elements
	- the first element is the matching string
	- the second element is the replacement string.  If regex flag is on, replacement string is a preg_replace replacement string
	- the third element are the flags
	- flags can be combined with commas.  There are various flags:
		- ignore: ignores rule on all following runs
		- nextFile: bypasses all the rest of the rules in the file and parses the next file before parsing the "current" file again
		- last: is the last rule run for the file.  RequestHandler does not parse any more rules in the containing file, but will parse rules in subsequent files
		- veryLast: is the last rule run for all files; RequestHandler will just stop parsing
		- insensitive: match is case insensitive
		- token: token based; match is against current token.  Replacement argument still replaces entire url
		- regex: applies regex pattern matching

/** @file */
$rules[] = array('^$','blogs/post','regex,insensitive');
$rules[] = array('documentation','doc','token');
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