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<div class="sectionTitle">Introduction</div>
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	There are some things to keep in mind in determining whether this framework is for you:
		<li>I made the first version of this framework for myself back in 2007; I had disliked most frameworks available at the time.  I still dislike most frameworks available.</li>
		<li>This is a fairly specific use framework.  It will work on linux and apache using php5.</li>
		<li>This framework is not for amateur php programmers;  I don't try to use the framework to hide scary php from you.</li>
		<li>I built this framework for utility; not for convention; there were a couple types of utility I focused on:
				<li>Debugging tools</li>
				<li>Ease of Db tool use</li>
				<li>Flexible request handling</li>
				<li>Separation of concerns</li>
				<li>High configurability</li>
		<li>It has a very flexible <a href="/license">BSD like license</a></li>
	If you decide to use this and have questions, comments, or desires to help improve the framework, you can contact me through this site.  
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