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==Wiki Test Page==
This is a '''Wiki Test Page'''. It shows you how '''Wiki2html Extension''' parses wiki syntax.

* Support MediaWiki syntax
* Support SyntaxHighlighter
* Sign In with any username (password is 'demo') to edit this page
Below is an example to demonstrate SyntaxHighlighter extension:
<pre class="brush: js">
 * SyntaxHighlighter example: Javascript
function foo()
    if (counter <= 10) {
        return; // it works!
'''SyntaxHighlighter Extension''' also supports CSS, XML, SQL, PHP, etc.

<pre class="brush: css">
.sampleCSS {
	color: #00f;
Below is an example of PHP code highlighting

<pre class="brush: php">
	function foo(&$var) {
	foo($a); // $a is 6 here

# [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting MediaWiki syntax]
# [http://thinphp.com Thin PHP Framework official website]

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