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<h3>Your Computer Has Been Diagnosed with a Virus</h3>
<p>Please use the tools below to clean and protect your computer.<br>
<p><span class=bold>For immediate virus removal:</span></p>
<LI>Download the <A HREF="/downloads/s-t-i-n-g-e-r.exe">Stinger</A> tool to 
your desktop.
<LI>Double-click the file on your desktop called "S-t-i-n-g-e-r" and 
click "Scan Now". 
This will rid your computer of most common viruses.
<p><span class=bold>Use a virus scanner such as McAfee Virus Scan or 
Symantec Anti-Virus to protect your computer from future 
<LI>UIndy Students: Download and Install McAfee Virus Scan here <a 
href='downloads/mcafee.exe'>McAfee Virus Scan (UIndy Student Version)</a>
<LI>UIndy Faculty and Staff: McAfee Virus Scan should already be install 
on your computer.
<LI>The student version of McAfee Virus Scan will automatically check 
for updates.  If you do not use the student version, or you already have 
your own virus scanner such as Norton Antivirus, please be sure to keep 
the scanner up to date.
<LI>You may also download the latest <A HREF="downloads/superdat.exe">virus 
definitions (as a SuperDAT)</A> for McAfee Virus Scan.
<p><span class=bold>Use Microsoft's AutoUpdate Client to Keep Your 
Computer as Secure as Possible:</span></p>
The best way to prevent future virus and spyware infections is to keep 
your computer up to date.  Microsoft releases security updates for 
Windows XP every month.  You should use to Microsoft's Autoupdate to 
ensure that you receive these updates in a timely fashion.  Neglecting to 
update your computer will surely lead to further virus and spyware 
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