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Information Systems (IS) at the University of Indianapolis will provide 100BaseT Ethernet network connections in University Housing rooms (where available). Residents can voluntarily use the network connections with the appropriate computer and network equipment.  This service is only available to residents of University-owned housing and where available. The network connection and campus services provided via the connection are for personal use and the enrichment of the educational experience while at the University.  It is not intended as an avenue to serve commercial or non-commercial services to the campus community or beyond.

No system connected to the campus network will provide services to local or remote network users without written permission from IS and University Housing. This includes servers of Webpages, Newsgroups, Music & Videos, Warez, FTP or related services. Only campus IS personnel will install, modify, or remove walljacks. Harassing, hacking, or intentional disruption of local or remote network or network systems is forbidden. Utilizing software or hardware to disrupt the campus network is forbidden. The system is for academic use and the enrichment of student, faculty and staff.

Failure to abide by these policies can result in loss of service, formal reprimand and/or legal action. Should penalties be warranted, a formal appeal process is available through Residence Life and Student Affairs. Action found to be illegal as described by Indiana or Federal Law will be turned over to the appropriate authorities. IS is not responsible for backing up data, applications or other software.

By using the campus supplied network connections you agree to abide by these policies.
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