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	first public release

		-removed any 'console.log' (firebug debuggin feature), that works only with enabled Firebug.
		-initializations improvement, now rte functions returns array with RTE. Also you can use same array few times.
				var arr = $(".rte1").rte( {css: ['default.css']} );
				$(".rte2").rte( {css: ['test.css']}, arr) );
				where 'arr' is array with RTE. You can use rte-core-api as you want. 
				To access you must use ID or 0...N for anonimous textareas. Issue 5;
		-css improvement. Now you css is array of css-files, but not the only file. You can use it as:
			(ex: $(".rte", rte( {css: ['style1.css', 'style2.css']} );
		- IE7 permission/denied bug fixed (need to hard test). Issue 9
		- automatic width/height at initializaing added. Issue 2;
		- added resizer object/events. (need to hard test).
		- added try/catch at critical sections
		- improved 'toolbar_click' function. Now it provides 'select' object and other args for 'exec' callback.
		- improved controls, now you can provide 'init' callback, that will be called at toolbar creating time.
		- controls 'arg_cmp' callback renamed to 'tag_cmp'.
		- controls now supports additional 'args' that can be using at user's 'exec' callback.
	default toolbar:
		- added styles selection. If you use several styles for RTE, then last will be used for styles selection.
		It's a great pitty, but i could not to create javascript version only :( Still looking for issue.
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