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The Base Class

tgsf utilizes a base class that underpins all internal oop logic.
You can use this same class if you'd like for your libraries, etc.
Further, if you create forms and models, you will be extending this base
class due to it being used by the base model and form classes.



Important things to know

tgsfBase implements default __get and __set.  These provide some small level
of protection against un-initialized variable usage.  Furthermore they provide
the ability to mark a protected or private member variable as a read-only var.

Consider the following snippet:


class test extends tgsfBase
	protected $_ro_name;
	function newName( $name )
		if ( strlen( $name ) < 10 )
			$this->_ro_name = $name;

$t = new test();
$t->newName( 'Tim' );
echo $t->name;

As you can see, _ro_ is a special indicator that a variable should be allowed
read-only access (hence the ro).

If there does not exist an _ro_ variable, and no public variable has been declared
in the class declaration through the use of public $name; then an exception will
be thrown.

If you attempt to set a read only variable you will get an exception thrown
from the __set function in tgsfBase.

It's easy to read the code that is there so you are encouraged to read through
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