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Running Multiple Applications under tgsf

To handle multiple applications running under tgsf, you only need to put your url parsing logic
into the /app_detector.php file.  This file has access to all of the functions in tgsf_core/libraries/tgsfUrlDetection.php

app_detector.php is not overwritten in upgrade distributions.

If you need to use a database for application detection, you'll need to add a call to


We recommend using a logical name for your app detection database and then passing that to the query factory.
in the app_detector.php file.

dbm()->useSetup( new dbSetup( 'user', 'password', 'db_name' ), 'app_detection' );
$q = query::factory( 'app_detection' );

This way applications can set up their own default database connections and all their queries work as expected.

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