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$getupMessage ="

<h3>You can publish your company information here.</h3>

<p>Type in plain text in 'message.php' file of 'systemconfig' folder, what you want to tell users when they will log on.</p>

<p><b>Here is an example.</b></p>

<p>We encourage you to enter your time in daily basis. You time sheet is due by end of day Friday of every week.</p>

<p>After entering your time and expanse, you MUST <b>SUBMIT</b> your time and expense in order for your manager to know that your entries are final.</p>

<p><b>Note for Managers:</b> You must verify and approve all time sheets and expense reports by 12 AM on Monday morning.
If Monday is holiday, discuss it with the account manager if it is okay to verify on Tuesday, otherwise you have to verify by the end of the current week.</p>

<p>As a company policy, you must be careful when you enter your time and expense records. Pay attention to the accuracy and details of descriptions.</p>


<p>Mr. CEO.</p>


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