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version 0.5, 2011-12-05
- Clean code
- Fixed multibyte characters file upload.
- Fixed a lot of other small bugs.
- Added @mention feature when post share and comment.
- Added to:username feature when post share and comment.
- Added #tag feature when post share and comment.
- Added follow tag feature.
- Added attach multi files feature when post share.
- Added autocomplete feature when edit the tags.
- Added follow invited member automatically
- Added invite accept page, so do not need register after got the invite.
- Added file list page.
- Added attach an uploaded file into share post.

version 0.4, 2011-11-29
- Clean code
- Fixed a lot of other small bugs.
- Added feature for create external networks.
- Added external networks list.
- Added common email provider's domains.
- Added upload file for share.
- Added share object into feed items.
- Added private messages.

version 0.3, 2011-11-20
- Clean code
- Fixed: messages from joined groups should display in My Feed.
- Fixed invite new network members.
- Fixed section header for all pages.
- Fixed a lot of other small bugs.
- Added the installation document
- Added group edit
- Added user photo
- Added user profile setting
- Added the sidebar for administer
- Added network administer
- Added feed filter: My Feed, Received, Direct Messages, Sent, Liked, Bookmarked, All, Groups
- Added profile page
- Added groups list
- Added group feed page
- Added group members page
- Added like/unlike message feature
- Highlighted the system messages.
- Updated the Chinese translation.

version 0.2, 2011-11-13
- Clean code
- Fixed the style of user register
- Fixed security issue: only allow network members to visit the network content
- Added the global search feature
- Added icon for navigation item
- Added network members page
- Added network member's profile page
- Added network's internal groups feature

version 0.1, 2011-11-09
- Provide basic features.
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