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//call in the form of surveytaken.php?sid=SID
require "header.php"; 

//$sid is passed as URL parameter
$sid= $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["sid"];

if(!is_numeric($sid)) {
	echo "exit sid not numeric"; 

$querystring="UPDATE pretoken SET active=0 WHERE sid=". 
	$sid . " AND idstudent=" . $myStudent->databasefields['idstudent'] .";";
echo '<h3 align="center"><a href="index.php">weiter...</a><br></h3>';
if (!mysql_affected_rows()==1) { 
	errorexit("sid=$sid pretoken table cannot be updated |surveytaken.php | maybe it has already been updated and user pressed refresh button.");

//get tokentable entry for student, with SID
require "footer.php";?>
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