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TaskFreak! Time Tracking

Version 0.5 : 2010-07-16
Added iphone (beta) version
Added german translation
Added norwegian translation
Added missing time zones
Fixed time difference bug with time zones not GMT
Fixed multi task creation bug
Fixed windows server file path bug
Fixed bug on user creation

Version 0.4 : 2010-06-11
Added multi language support
Added french translation
Added non apache (mod_rewrite) support (needs testing)
Improved UI by adding more icons
Improved user menu (drop down menu)
Fixed checkbox bug (checked tasks didn't change status)
Fixed date shortcut on quick task entry
Fixed javascript calendar bug when changing month or year
Fixed changing password bug
Fixed logging with password bug
Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.3 : 2010-05-30
Fixed subfolder installation (virtual host no longer required)
Added customization option for number of items to be shown (pagination)
Added order results by column (deadline, priority, start time, etc...)
Added jdpicker (javascript calendar on date fields)
Improved time and duration input controls
Improved search box design
Improved new/edit task submit (checks form before sending data to server)
Improved server actions message reports
Fixed magic quotes (gpc) compatibility
Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.2 : 2010-05-21
Added simple multi user support

Version 0.1 : 2010-05-11
Single user experimental version
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