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TaskFreak! Multi Users 0.6.x

You can modify the default behavior of this application by editing the
configuration file (include/config.php).

Access rights configuration consists of a series of 0s and 1s in two separate
- confProjectRights that sets the permissions related to projects the user
  is associated with
- confGlobalRights that sets the global permissions of the user

For a complete description, read the comments in config.php.

Here's a few questions you might ask yourself:

1. What's public, internal, private tasks?
- a public task can be seen by everybody 
  (guests need to be associated to the project the task belongs to)
- an internal task can be seen by everybody but guests
- a private task can only be seen by its author and the user it is asssigned to

2. What's a guest?
With the default settings, a guest is typically a client:
- only sees public tasks belonging to projects he is associated with
- can not get details about other users, and other projects
- can not see comments or post any

Guests can not see tasks not associated to any project.

3. How do I make my guests able to read and post comments?
When associating a user to a project, set him as an "official".
That way, he will be able to see comments and post new ones.

4. How can I have my guests access tasks not associated projects?
Edit confGlobalRights, and set bit number 13 (view public tasks) to 1:

$GLOBALS['confGlobalRights'] = array(
	1 => '000000000000100',	// guests

5. How do I have my guests able to read and post comments on theses tasks?
Edit the first line in confProjectRights:
- 1st bit allows user to see comments
- 2nd bit allows user to post comments

$GLOBALS['confProjectRights'] = array(
	0 => '11000',

6. What's an intern?
Typically someone that works in your team: 
- only sees tasks belonging to projects he is associated with
- accesses internal tasks
- can create new tasks
- see all users details

7. What's a manager?
A manager can:
- access his own projects and can create new ones
- can create new users

8. And what's an administrator then?
Admins can see and edit everything.
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