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	<h1>7. ChangeLog</h1>
	<span id="Version">Last update : 23/09/2004 (for SyStats 0.9.9)</span>

	<h2>Table of Content</h2>
	<div id="TOC">
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9">Release : 0.9.9 final (2004-09-23)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta7">Release : 0.9.9 beta7 (2004-08-25)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta6">Release : 0.9.9 beta6 (2004-07-18)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta5">Release : 0.9.9 beta5 (2004-06-29)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta4">Release : 0.9.9 beta4 (2004-06-18)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta3">Release : 0.9.9 beta3 (2004-05-26)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta2">Release : 0.9.9 beta2 (2004-05-21)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.9beta1">Release : 0.9.9 beta1 (2004-05-06)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.8">Release : 0.9.8 (2004-02-16)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#">Release : (2003-12-18)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.7">Release : 0.9.7 (2003-12-10)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.6">Release : 0.9.6 (2003-08-19)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.5">Release : 0.9.5 (2003-08-13)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#">Release : (2003-07-24)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.4">Release : 0.9.4 (2003-07-23)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.3">Release : 0.9.3 (2003-07-14)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.2">Release : 0.9.2 (2003-07-10)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9.1">Release : 0.9.1 (2003-07-09)</a></div>
		<div class="TOC1"><a href="#0.9">Release : 0.9 (2003-07-02)</a></div>

	<h2 id="0.9.9">Release : 0.9.9 final (2004-09-23)</h2>

		<li>Fixed player tracking issue when players used 'filtered out' names like WolfPlayer or ETPlayer
		<li>Converted map names to lower case within the parser to prevent any problems
		<li>Tracked binocs and grenades taken under RTCW-shrub
		<li>Increased buffer length in the parser when reading log entries
		<li>Allowed compilation under FreeBSD
		<li>Fixed name colorizing issue when resuming player states
		<li>Fixed axis/allies kills/deaths tracking 
		<li>Re-added the PlayerTracking by alias (see systats.conf) to differentiate between PlayerTracking = name

	<h2 id="0.9.9beta7">Release : 0.9.9 beta7 (2004-08-25)</h2>

		<li>Added option in systats.conf to tell the parser which action to perform 
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=202">ref</a>]
		<li>Fixed merging stats on the main page when players have multiple aliases 
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=194">ref</a>]
		<li>Use systats.conf in the same directory of the systats binary when no configuration file is specified on the command line 
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=188">ref</a>]
		<li>Added player rankings by Kill Ratio, Kills/hour and Overall rating
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=198">ref</a>]
		<li>Added possibility to configure the layout of the Top10 plugin on the PHP code
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=186">ref</a>]
		<li>Save player states either into the database or into a text file 
		(see StateLocation, SaveState and ResumeState configuration options in systats.conf)
		to allow frequent parsing of log files
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=187">ref</a>]

		<li>Allow processing of a single line from the log file (using --line "0:01 Kill: 1 2 ..." for example). 
		This feature is still in development as there are issues with GUID
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=203">ref</a>]

		<li>Allow overwriting of configuration options for the parser using the command line
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=189">ref</a>]

		<li>Started working on documentation (check the /doc folder)
		[<a href="http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=195">ref</a>]

		<li>Use transparent background for graphs being rendered in the HTML pages.
		This allow people to modify the .css file without having to modify the php/graph.php to change
		the background color of the graphs.


	<h2 id="0.9.9beta6">Release : 0.9.9 beta6 (2004-07-18)</h2>

		<li> Implemented a Top10 plugin (thanks to DRC Dominian for the initial development) displaying a TOP 10 players for each class
		<li> Fixed kills/deaths stats not being updated on subsequent parsing of log files (lots of 'no such client' errors were present in the message file)
		<li> Added a setting into systats.conf (RoundMinPlayers) to ignore game wins/losses when not enough players are connected to a server (kills/deaths/etc. stats still are updated)

	<h2 id="0.9.9beta5">Release : 0.9.9 beta5 (2004-06-29)</h2>

		<li> Implemented the ClearXP log callback to clear the player's XP points when shrubet logs in this entry
		<li> Track player renames for better player tracking (implemented both with PlayerTracking = name and PlayerTracking = guid)
		<li> Do not count rounds having no players
		<li> Fix screwed up weapons in the Weapon Stats section of the main page

	<h2 id="0.9.9beta4">Release : 0.9.9 beta4 (2004-06-18)</h2>

		<li> Allow player tracking by Name or Guid (see PlayerTracking option in systats.conf)
		<li> Fixed winning team stats (attacking team was always getting the win)
		<li> Fixed Enemy Territory Covert Ops XP points (and award)
		<li> Track player accuracy with RTCW-shrub (parse the ENDROUND log entry)
		<li> Fixed a weapon accuracy issue
		<li> Detect corrupted characters in a log entry
		<li> Fix player page display (retrieve player by ref nbr instead of name)
		<li> Fix a player tracking issue when using ETpro and GUID tracking

	<h2 id="0.9.9beta3">Release : 0.9.9 beta3 (2004-05-26)</h2>

		<li> Fixed the GUID tracking issue
		<li> Fixed the time tracking issue

	<h2 id="0.9.9beta2">Release : 0.9.9 beta2 (2004-05-21)</h2>

		<li> Fixed hits/shots/headshots problem [ref:http://systats.sourceforge.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=90]
		<li> Added progress display (enable using DisplayProgress = true)
		<li> Removed useless database queries in the parser module hoping to speed the parsing process
		<li> Added first draft of administration page (php/admin.php)<br/>
		 [use your database user and password to access the page and enable cookies on your browser] :
				<li> Search for players and mark them as deleted (deleted players will not be displayed in the player list on index.php)
				<li> Update attacking team and description for maps
				<li> Update description for weapons
		<li> Fix time tracking problems

	<h2 id="0.9.9beta1">Release : 0.9.9 beta1 (2004-05-06)</h2>

		<li> Complete rewrite of the whole PHP code base
		<li> Reworked the .CSS file for better simplicity
		<li> Added the possibility to develop PHP plugins to be displayed on the index page
		<li> Added detailed flexibility to the administrator for the index page (see $SYSTATS_INDEX_SECTIONS in config_*_inc.php)
		<li> Added detailed flexibility to the administrator for the player page (see $SYSTATS_PLAYER_SECTIONS in config_*_inc.php)
		<li> Added the possibility to develop and display plugins
		<li> Half rewrite of the C++ parser code base (implemented a more object-oriented and easier to improve/debug framework)
		<li> Added much more error handling and reporting
		<li> Removed OutputSQL, LogEntries and ParseAlias settings from systats.conf
		<li> Improved parser speed by prefetching stuff from the database
		<li> Removed all SQL variables (@PLAYER_ID, @GAME_ID, etc.)
		<li> Correctly read modified version of WeaponStats log entry from ETpro 3.0.0 and above
		<li> Compile with Visual Studio .NET 2002 for Windows
		<li> Database schema has changed slightly
		<li> Include the PHP libraries in the release package
		<li> Added support for XP saving

	<h2 id="0.9.8">Release : 0.9.8 (2004-02-16)</h2>

		<li> Display a message of the day on the index page (configurable via the SYSTATS_MOTD_MESSAGE,  SYSTATS_MOTD_TITLE, SYSTATS_MOTD_ALIGN settings in config_default_inc.php)
		<li> Minimum player time now configurable in config_default_inc.php for the main index page
		<li> Added a team time graph (like the class graph) for both the index and the player page
		<li> Track the binoculars and gibs stats
		<li> Parse additionnal log entries from Shrub and ETpro for special events
		<li> More verbose error display for MySQL connection/query errors on the PHP side
		<li> Fixed bug in XP stats (ref : http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=886514&group_id=84288&atid=572351)
		<li> Added 'ON DELETE CASCADE' attribute to foreign key constraints
		<li> Allow state resuming for multiple server logs
		<li> Fixed bug: use server config for player and global class/team graph (ref : http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=892796&group_id=84288&atid=892796)
		<li> Fixed bug in 'time' award (sort was broken)

	<h2 id="">Release : (2003-12-18)</h2>

		<li> Fixed display of accuracy and headshot % in player page for specific weapons
		<li> Added option in systats.conf for minimum player time to be listed in awards list
		<li> Add overall rating in general player listing
		<li> Added number of wins/loss for axis/allies and average time per round in main page
		<li> Fixed accuracy/headshots % not properly calculated (some ppl had Acc/HS % of 0)

	<h2 id="0.9.7">Release : 0.9.7 (2003-12-10)</h2>

		<li> Added incremental log file parsing (see systats.conf)
		<li> Added state saving/resuming between log parsing
		<li> Fixed revive/suicide inversal in player's page
		<li> URL encode all player names to avoid URL problems
		<li> Fixed 'Reversing order of general stats'
		<li> Changed makedb.pl so that it does not drop the database
		<li> Added 3 defines in includes/config.inc for the library paths (easier setup)
		<li> Added the awards table to generate the awards list right after finishing parsing the log file instead of letting the PHP code generate this list over and over again
		<li> Fill up the general stats table (GLOBAL) after parsing the log file instead of letting the PHP code genereate this list over and over again
		<li> Group up the XP and LAST XP values into the same table (first step for MySQL 3.23 back porting)
		<li> Fixed configuration file reading
		<li> Fixed security issue that allowed anyone to browse the configuration file of the systats installation
		<li> Removed all UNIONs from the SQL queries (second step for MySQL 3.23 back porting)
		<li> Removed annoying [] on main page in HTML title
		<li> Completed back porting for MySQL 3.23
		<li> Fixed search option in main page so that sorting still works

	<h2 id="0.9.6">Release : 0.9.6 (2003-08-19)</h2>

		<li> Output error messages from the parser into a file
		<li> Fixed problem when log file includes some invalid characters
		<li> Display a successful message when the parser has finished importing the database statements
		<li> Display the line number when LogEntries = true
		<li> Fixed problem when log file causes a segfault (when player name ended with ^^, when player score was appointed to an invalid player)
		<li> Fixed some errors in the code that caused SyStats not to compile with gcc 2.96.x

	<h2 id="0.9.5">Release : 0.9.5 (2003-08-13)</h2>

		<li> Fixed long delay of main page loading (caused by long requests for XP awards)
		<li> Made test.php a little more secure ;)
		<li> Fixed problem in player.inc when not using weapon accuracy
		<li> Fixed call to display_player_stats in weapon.php
		<li> Fixed some weapon names thanks to Marc Rouleau (Shrub 3.1.1b) and someone else who had modded unistats for ET
		<li> Fixed problem when commenting out Database option in .conf file
		<li> Add debugging output when reading the configuration file for the debug binaries

	<h2 id="">Release : (2003-07-24)</h2>

		<li> Fixed bug in tracking chat messages (messages were not associated with the right player)
		<li> Fixed bug in tracking overall XP for each players (the XP player list was displaying wrong values)

	<h2 id="0.9.4">Release : 0.9.4 (2003-07-23)</h2>

		<li> Added detailed Enemy Territory XP statistics (battle sense, engineering, light weapons, etc.) per player
		<li> Added detailed Enemy Territory XP awards (battle sense, engineering, light weapons, etc.) on main page
		<li> Fixed time award bug (award was not given to the right player)
		<li> Fixed chat parsing bug (global chat messages were dropped)
		<li> Fixed bug when player disconnected (probably the source of segfault on some machines)
		<li> Display chat messages awards in main page (can be enabled/disabled)
		<li> Display random chat messages in award section
		<li> Added option in php/includes/config.inc to enable/disable chat messages awards
		<li> Display general stats for a player in player page (including chat stats)
		<li> Cleaned up a few files in the PHP includes, page files and Smarty templates
		<li> Track player aliases (when players change name during game)
		<li> Associate player stats with player aliases as well as player's original name
		<li> Display player's aliases in player page
		<li> Added three types of player list on the main page : general stats, rating stats and ET XP stats
		<li> Added the -w switch to makedb.pl which receives the MySQL password to be used when connecting to the database

	<h2 id="0.9.3">Release : 0.9.3 (2003-07-14)</h2>

		<li> Added XP tracking for Enemy Territory
		<li> Added total XP and XP/hour award in award list
		<li> Added score tracking for RTCW 
		<li> Added total Score and Score/hour award in award list
		<li> Added killing, dying, teamkilling, teamdying streaks tracking for all supported games
		<li> Added killing streak award in award list
		<li> Save the time when the last update to the stats was made
		<li> Added streaks, win/losses and damage stats to player page
		<li> Added test.php page which will validate configuration of SyStats

	<h2 id="0.9.2">Release : 0.9.2 (2003-07-10)</h2>

		<li> Added Smarty templates that were missing in the previous release (award_stats.tpl and weapon_stats.tpl)
		<li> Fixed size of the class graph to display complete legend
		<li> Fixed Smarty paths in smarty.inc
		<li> Fixed some bug when not using Database option in systats.conf

	<h2 id="0.9.1">Release : 0.9.1 (2003-07-09)</h2>

		<li> Added class and file descriptions for Doxygen documentation
		<li> Implemented connection to MySQL for direct events import (no SQL file generated)
	see Database option in systats.conf
		<li> Added PlayerFilter and PlayerExclude options in systats.conf
		<li> Added map statistics into the PHP's player page
		<li> Added award list on index page

	<h2 id="0.9">Release : 0.9 (2003-07-02)</h2>

		<li> Added support for original RTCW, RTCW with Shrub mod and RTCW with OSP mod (look for the configuration settings in systats.conf) 
		<li> Fixed player's time tracking 
		<li> Added Doxygen's Doxyfile to generate C++ classes documentation for developers (in CVS)
		<li> Improve name colorizer support in custom game parser

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