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synType CMS Version 0.12.2

NEW - Integration of a pre-installed Template-Set
NEW - Integration of some pre-installed Sections and Articles

NEW - New directory for 'galleries' inside 'images/'
NEW - Integration of FunkyPlayer for flash videos
NEW - Integration of the OS Java-Script lightbox 2.04 for rendering galleries
NEW - Integration of the OS Java-Script Smooth Gallery for rendering slideshows

NEW Better images for user status display in user list
NEW New input field label for installation path on server
NEW Removed Web path input field in Setup (redundant information)

#206 No page title in content manager
#207 Showing Comments button even if article is not commentable
#209 Fixed bug that created CSS files in wrong place
#210 Fixed bug that created quoted Template Set directories
#211 Fixed bug that prevented new comments from being saved
#212 Fixed SQL error when inserting comments
#225 DB password input fields are not masked

#238 - Fixed bug that Template Images cannot open
#254 - Fixed bug that menue item 'Help' returns an error

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