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Version History

	-Can scan Cisco switches for MAC address and ports.
	-Can make mostly accurate guesses as to where a given machine is.
		For 100% accurate map, client required on each computer node to update database.
	-Only works with MySQL.
		-For adding and updating computer nodes to database.
		-Get list of switches and each port on each switch that is considered active.
		-[Partly done] Get history of specific switch port.
	-Requires nmap (?), smarty, php, apache, and mysql.

	-Dell Powerconnect switch compatibility
	-Get switch interfaces/ports
		-(Cisco) Get VLAN and access mode of interface.
	-OO class design for switch interface engines.
	-MySQLi wrapper function.
	-Doesn't use Nmap (Maybe re-integrate for MAC capturing).
	-Stored Procedures for storing and retrieving stuff from the database.
	-Requirements: PHP 5.2.2 or newer, MySQL 5, PEAR::Net_socket
Next Version Hopefulls:
	-Export data to xml or csv.
	-Completed StoredProc for port history.
	-Commented code!
Sometime in the distance:
	-Better html interface (ajax likely)
	-Guilded setup
	-SQLite and MSSQL access.
	-Cross language API stuff. Think one database and multiple "clients" in 
		multiple languages that update and access it.
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