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Version Bugfix Release

This release fixes a Javascript issue while logging in that in some cases caused
the login to fail.

This release also removes stray absolute references to my development server and
makes all URLs relative to the WD.

Also fixes some missing rights removal for non-admin users. Non-admin users are
now, as they should have been from the start, disallowed from changing other
users' passwords, names, and email addresses. Later releases will also disallow
the viewing of other users' permissions.


Simply install these files into your Apache service directory. Use the sql file
(svnDashboard.sql) to create the neccessary database and tables. Afterwards, you
will need to edit line 32 of webServices/svnDashboard.php and adjust the mySQL
username and password.

Also needing to be configured is the path to which svnDashboard will write its
permission files. Typically, all repos to be managed by svnDashboard will have
their conf directories symlinked to one central location to which svnDashboard
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