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$lang['label_paste_image'] = "Paste image from clipboard";
$lang['prompt_namespace'] = "Namespace";
$lang['prompt_filename'] = "Upload as";
$lang['txt_required'] = "*";
$lang['txt_required_hint'] = "Required";
$lang['txt_upload_image'] = "Upload image";

$lang['txt_no_java'] = "There's no <a href='http://www.java.com'>Java-Plugin</a> installed in your browser.";

$lang['js']['upload_button_hint'] = "Upload screenshots and images from the clipboard";
$lang['js']['upload_button_alt'] = $lang['js']['upload_button_hint'];

// generic errors
$lang['js']['err_not_loaded_yet'] = 'Supa-Applet not loaded yet.';

// errors while pasting the image from the clipboard
$lang['js']['err_clipboard_unknown_error'] = 'Unexpected error. See the Java-Applet-Console for details.';
$lang['js']['err_clipboard_empty'] = 'The clipboard is empty.';
$lang['js']['err_clipboard_content_unsupported'] = 'The clipboard does not contain a supported image format.';
$lang['js']['err_clipboard_error_code_unknown'] = "Error! Unfortunately, no error message is implemented for error code: ";

// errors before/during upload
$lang['js']['err_need_filename'] = "Filename required!.";
$lang['js']['err_paste_image_first'] = "Please paste an image first!.";


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