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=== What's it all about?
Did you ever run into the annoyance that you have to upload a screenshot (or
any image from the local clipboard) to a website? 
Usually you go through the hassle of pasting the image into an image editor
(or worse: WinWord), save the image and upload this file.

Now imagine, you could save all those steps and paste the image directly from
the clipboard into the browser.
That's what Supa - the Screenshot UPload Applet - is all about.

=== Legalese
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! This software comes with no guarantees or warranties.
Though I'm pretty sure it won't kill any data, please make sure to backup your data, etc...

=== Installation
Please note: this plugin only works with Dokuwiki >= 2009-02-14

As I cannot maintain multiple versions of the instructions and the canonical
way of providing instructions is via dokuwiki.org anyway, please look there:


Icons thanks to Techlogica - http://www.techlogica.us

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