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// Configuration for Mdoc browse-documentation script running in this folder
// Author:  JM Faure <hide@address.com>
// Release: 19 Sep 2005

// Define the reference file path to the PHP code to document (relative to DOCUMENT_ROOT)
$ref_dir = "phpManta/Mdoc/samples/";

// Define the alternative file paths to the PHP code to document (relative to DOCUMENT_ROOT)
$alt_dir['manta'] = "phpManta/include/php4/";

// Set manpage header and footer
$header = "Mdoc in action on class and library samples";
$footer = "<a href=\"http://phpmanta.sourceforge.net\">phpManta<a>";

// Choose default view, "public" for API level or "author" to view private and protected members
$default_view = "author";

// PHP4 or PHP5 Manta library is loaded regarding the local phpversion()
// but you can force to run the PHP4 version 
$force_php4 = true;  // force to load PHP4 includes

// Set PHP file extension (unique for classes and libs)
$php_ext = ".php";

// Set appropriate error reporting level

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