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// $Id: eclipse_test.php 1505 2007-04-30 23:39:59Z lastcraft $

//To run this from the eclipse plugin...you need to make sure that the 
//SimpleTest path in the preferences is the same as the location of the 
//eclipse.php file below otherwise you end up with two "different" eclipse.php 
//files included and that does not work...

include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../eclipse.php');

class TestOfEclipse extends UnitTestCase {
	function testPass() {
		$listener = new MockSimpleSocket();
		$fullpath = realpath(dirname(__FILE__).'/support/test1.php');
		$testpath = EclipseReporter::escapeVal($fullpath);
		$expected = "{status:\"pass\",message:\"pass1 at [$testpath line 4]\",group:\"$testpath\",case:\"test1\",method:\"test_pass\"}";
		//this should work...but it doesn't so the next line and the last line are the hacks
		$pathparts = pathinfo($fullpath);
		$filename = $pathparts['basename'];
		$test= new TestSuite($filename);
		$test->run(new EclipseReporter(&$listener));
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