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<?php if(!function_exists('startedIndexPhp')) { header("location:../index.php"); exit();}
# streber - a php5 based project management system  (c) 2005-2007  / www.streber-pm.org
# Distributed under the terms and conditions of the GPL as stated in lang/license.html

/**\file  pages relating to error output */

* Shown, if unknown page-id requested
* @ingroup pages
* \TODO this should only trigger an error and relay to home
* \TODO removing this function would make renderBacktrace() obsolete, too
function error()
    global $PH;
    require_once(confGet('DIR_STREBER') . 'render/render_list.inc.php');

    ### set up page ####
        $page= new Page();

        $page->tabs['error']=  array('target'=>"index.php?go=error",     'title'=>__('Error','top navigation tab'), 'bg'=>"error");

        $page->title=__("Unknown Page");
        echo(new PageHeader);
    echo (new PageContentOpen);

    $block=new PageBlock(array('title'=>__('Error'), 'id'=>'error'));
    echo "<div class=text>";
    echo "<p>Sorry but you found a function that has not yet been implemented.<br>";
    echo "If you feel this a bug, or a very important function is missing, please help us to fix this,
    Please hit the back-button of your browser and use the 'Wiki + Help' option to follow to the online
    documentation. Then edit 'issue' or 'request-part'.</p>";

    echo "</div>";


    $block=new PageBlock(array('title'=>'Details', 'id'=>'details'));
    echo "<div class=text>";
    echo "<pre>";
    echo renderBacktrace(debug_backtrace());

    echo "</pre>";
    echo "</div>";


    echo (new PageContentClose);
    echo (new PageHtmlEnd);

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