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- updated custom project view

rev 494
- fixed 2008 bug
- fixed minor text issues
- fixed image-attributes inside tables
- fixed url for mod_rewrite
- fixed effort-date-time problems

- fixed milestone task count 
- fixed link to milestone tasks
- fixed line-breaks for notification mails

rev 492
- version v0.0911
- fixed layout of attached files
- fixed double upload form in topics #8305
- added missing _image_cache directory to repository

- added generation of crawler list
- added some details to RSS-Feed
- fixed closed tasks for milestone are not displayed correctly
- added current milestone block to project overview
- added graph to milestone view
- fixed CSS definition for lots of list elements

version v0.91 (revision 485)
- implemented new style and removed block collapsing
- fixed new folder as documentation setting
- highlight wiki-differences inside wiki
- added word level diff
- add also show your changes to project change block
- implemented image-caching for scaled images

- fixed unit tests
- fixed g_login_params bug
- removed deprecated background styles
- started to split reusable blocks into /blocks/*
- refactored wikiFieldAsHtml to automatically check if editable
- standard way to include files added
- updated language change files and polish language

version v0.0902
- fix deletion of error.log.php at upgrades
- fixed minor language problems
- fixed minor problem in triggerSendNotification
- fixed ob_clean() warning
- reduced warnings for missing locale-settings
- updated languages

version v0.09
- added some layout hints and styling for iphone user client

- fixed feedback-often-requested-by-admin bug
- fixed visibily of changed items for admins
- disabled right to edit everthing for PMs
- fixed locale-setting of russian translation
- fixed more unit-tests

version v0.08099
- changed version to v0.08099
- fixed bold syntax for wiki #7445
- fixed broken urls in wiki links with & #7350
- fixed creation of project items if current user has RIGHT_VIEWALL but is not assigned to project #2312
- CHECK_IP_ADDRESS is not disabled by default
- fixed rendering of long wiki headlines #7417

- fixed caching problem of install-page
- refactored details of item change
- added personRevertChanges
- added some more tests

- fixed minor layout problem in header on safari
- fixed locale setting for spanish translation
- fixed tests for language settings
- updated change files for translations

- added anchors to headline in wiki texts
- fixed resetting of is_news flag when adding comment to task with quickEditBlock
- fixed minor bug in bot detection regex
- fixed "book effort"-link for people with disabled efforts

version v0.08095 [2008-12-16]

- fixed double escaping html symbols in company list
- fixed double escaping html symbols in user email addresses
- fixed minor bug when editing empty bookmark list
- fixed problem with unit test fixture setup

- first unit tests working with fixtures
- some tests of login/logout/change password and correct escaping of user data
- fixed unescaped userdata in person title

- recent-change list always visible #7057
- refactored resolve version dropdown list to grouped style #7088
- added missing translation to due-column #7156

- links to Versions are not rendered stroken
- beautified attached files list

- fixed wiki link to person #7068
- fixed missing include of personitem #7077
- added first version of firephp support #7058
- updated swedish language
- added Feedback-Message after uploading file #7062

- MAJOR: fixed changing password and profile from notification mails
- MINOR: slightly adjusted notification mails
- Fixed: jumping to item after login with mod_rewrite

version v0.08093 [2008-11-5]

- MAJOR: fixed stripping of backslashes (make obvious by reoccuring change markers). This involved some changes in the backend which need to be tested on different platforms. 
- internal: fixed login with random tokens
- internal: hide own change markers.
- internal: use ready() function instead of onLoad() this has to be tested!

- MAJOR: added random token to forms to prevent from cross site request forgery

- Added wiki syntax for rendering latex formulas
- Refactored some forgotten password link in notification mails

- Refactored locale settings in conf
- Fixed translation of dates and times in German

version v0.08092 [2008-11-5]
- MAJOR: changed default wiki syntax for links from [[item:34]] to [[#23]]
- MINOR: adjusted wiki css styles
- MINOR: adjusted rendering of wiki links
- Refactored autoWikiAdjustments #7034
- WIKI_AUTO_INSERT_IDS option is now always on and therefore deprecated
- MAJOR: fixed potential problem with cached ajax request
- Fixed: Invalid WikiLinkCreate parent after inline edit #7033

version v0.08081  [2008-10-04]
- MAJOR: option to treat folder as documentation
- MAJOR: highlight updates in wiki changes

version v0.0807 [2008-08-28]
- MAJOR: first version of feedback request working
- refactored versions config variables (now there is only STREBER_VERSION)
- fixed minor bug with bookmarks
- Code formatting changed TABS into SPACES, argh!
- fixed minor bugs in the install / upgrade form

version v0.0806 [2008-08-22]
- added support of autocomplete input fields
- added request feedback option items

version: v0.0804  [2008-08-22]
- added user setting to ignore filtering of own changes in recent changes lists.
- Fixed bug #6574 (New install failing on "add db_version entry").
- Rewrote ListBlockCol_DaysLeft class and enabled it by default.
- Added "blocked" and "my blocked" filters to task list in home.
- Modified project list's page actions to have provide option to create new
  project from scratch or from a template.
- fixed render wiki bug when link with pipe above table.
- fixed several minor typos.
- checked for missing iconf-function when exporting csv.
- added LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files which were missing for some reason.
- Fixed two spelling errors and updated translation files:
  . "plattform" -> "platform" 
  . "upcomming" -> "upcoming"
- Fixed bug where if you had permission to see everything you'd still not be able to
  view companies that had projects which you were assigned to. Furtermore, if a
  company has projects you are assigned to but more than one then it would give a bug error -
  changed it to report insufficient permissions instead until we properly implement it.
- SQL errors on install will print out the line number the error occurs to help debug.
- A number of fixes/minor enhancements to install script.
- Updated install/install.php to not produce unsightly error when no write permissions to
  tmp files directory and a few other trivial improvements to pre-req checking.
- If reinstalling, instead of doing nothing lets rewrite the database settings. Otherwise,
  if you delete them config files (db one specifically) then you have to regenerate it
  yourself or drop the database.
- Set default company category to client when creating a new company.

version: v0.0803 [2008-05-09]
- added is_news option to tasks / topics
- added project options to hide features like tasks and file uploads
- fixed table-rendering bug (http://www.streber-pm.org/5217)
- Added "ASAP" option to mail notifications which will result in mail 
	notifications being sent out for individuals everytime the sendNotifications
	function is called when they have their notification interval set to "ASAP".
	Site admins can create a cron job to visit index.php?go=triggerSendNotifications
	at regular intervals.
- Made db-version detection more robust.
- Fixed bug where two entries of db-version would be inserted on install.
- Fixed bug where error would result if correct schema file is available.
- Disabled profile selection drop down if user being edited is the
	automatic user created at install time. This should prevent situations
	like in bug #6105 (unless existing install already has deleted but we
	can't do much about that ;]).
- Added more options to the install process and changed order of questions. 
	Site name (sets APP_NAME) and Admin's email (sets ADMINISTRATOR_EMAIL). 
	New options will be installed to _settings/site_settings.php
- Changed default conf value for MESSAGE_WELCOME_HOME, replacing streber with 
	%s. Updated index.php and pages/login.inc.php to replace string token with
    APP_NAME conf.
- Updated pages/login.inc.php to use APP_NAME conf instead
    of the constant "streber". 
- Added new permission, RIGHT_PERSON_GRANT_ACCT which allows you to set the 
	"can login?" bit on a user. By default, if you have the ability to create a
	user you also have the ability to edit a user so I made it the default that
	if you can create/edit a user, you can also grant them an account 
	(ie. login). This allows admins to allow people to "really" setup new 
	accounts without giving them the permissions to edit people's rights 
	(which you required before).

- updated languages
- renamed Home section from User name to "Home"
- renamed Home to "Recent changes"
- added news section to projView
- renamed "Docu" to "Topics"
- renamed "Documentation" to "Topic"
- removed a debug message when magic_quotes was enabled
- default lang is 'en' now
- bug fix: now the relation between taks and milestone is copied and transposed.
- fixed typo in install/install.php: grand->grant
- Created new schema export for 0.803
- Updated history.txt to include the updates from v0.0801 (as well as this
	release obvisously. :]).

version: v0.0801 [2007-08-04]
- fixed missing link in password reminder mail
- fixed added in of backslashes when ajax editing chapters
- fixed invalid display of tasks for newly created milestones
- fixed update trigger of person function (cause fatal error)
- fixed some js errors in lists
- fixed http-syntax in wiki rendering
- fixed Ctrl-Click in firefox (Ctrl-Klick in firefox) / Comments summary (Comments summary)
- time filter for efforts
- new page for effort calculations
- fixed wiki link syntax inside tables and lists 

- Wiki Format - link should open in a new window ("Wiki format" link should open in a new window)
- added more distinctive project name in project selector - More distinctive project name in project selector
- added configuration variable to enforce a theme
- added example custom theme
- added grouped option list for milestones
- fixed one pixel gap below tabs
- adjust display of feedback messages 

version: v0.08 [2007-05-15]
- fixed ajax editing fails for Safari #4113
- "Failure getting project" when editing Wiki inline project description #5188, #5074
- Wiki syntax:
  - Depreciate indented code blocks #5184 
  - Leading spaces are now displayed as   
- added hungarian translation #

- updated Polish and Swedish Translations
- add HTTP Links in Wiki Syntax #4986

version: v0.0799 [2007-05-05]
- party fixed backslashes in wiki texts and ajax editing #4286, #4043
- fixed changelist claims "attached file" even if person only added comment #4300
- fixed uploading of files on strato server #4264
- party fixed splitting of utf8 chars (#4259)
- added russian translation
- fixed storing of uploaded files in project directories
- added homeselectorlist 
- splitted home into "homeDashboard" (to be implemented), "homeTasks", "homeEfforts", "homeBookmarks" and "homeAllChanges"
- polished  the look of pageHeader in clean theme 
- fixed inline edit cannot find wiki chapter if invalid table syntax #4556
- home dashboard lists recent changes (add gets more changes with ajax) #4639
- changed font-size settings from "%" to "pt"
- fixed: Default rights doesn't work as expected #3871
- fixed item relatiionshop for deleted team members #4512
- hide deleted efforts #4160
- list changes now explicitly lists files 
- fixed some problems with IE7 display
- fixed composition of notification mails 
- fixed reassigning persons to teams (assigned twice?) #4849
- fixed Strange behaviour when re-assigning a user to a project #4083
- fixed issue values are not stored correctly #4865
- refactored project RSS-Feed:
  - now supports author
  - uses class_changeline
  - Summarizes what happened

- fixed rendering for Dates "Today" (added time again) 
- Replaced minor title "Item-ID:123" with  "# 123" 
- fixed Mail header "from" is malformed #4471
- install checks for readable /_rss directory
- removed some Bookmark page functions (e.g. person)
- "Page" renamed to "Topic"
- polished project list in home 
- fixed error in effort description with wiki links 
- Fatal error in effortView when links exist in description #4439
- added item-id to change list to quicker fill out svn commit comments :)
- Change Version(s) to Release(s) consequently #3136
- added support of additinal image mimetype image/x-png
- fixed adding a new comment stated as "renamed" in History #4522
- fixed in changelog not the last, of multiple comments is listed #4514
- adjusted stylesheet to fix Labels moves after any link "on focus" event at task description #4584
- re add comments to milestones #4729
- fixed Notification email do not have task name anymore #4862
- fixed "add another" option from create Milestone form does not work #4858
- minor: removed block style functions from list Milestones
- updated translation and some texts

- Cleaned up most of the source code for doxygen 
- added File::renderLocation()
- fixed undefined 'projects' warning in personView 
- added separate stylesheet for IE to fix some layoutproblems with IE 7.0

version: v0.0796 [2007-02-25]

- fixed open tasks for milestone --> invalid project_id #4078
- fixed Multiedit tasks - bad initial values #2744
- fixed csv-export of efforts (was broken because of presets)

- fixed disabled both Webbplatsen themes #4145
- fixed Invalid renderDateHtml after midnight #4081
- fixed Label of Documation pages 
- fixed minor issues with AjaxEditing inside selectable list rows 
- fixed sorting of efforts #4036
- added "add comment" to news in custom_projView.inc.php 
- fixed id parameter in itemView #4132
- added "book effort" function for docu pages #3772
- improved csv-exporting of lists (added names of persons, tasks and projects)
- fixed wiki text with less than 3 characters doesn't appear bold #4107

v0.0795 [2007-02-19]
- new states for efforts (also db change -> new attribute)
- filter functionality for efforts
- fixed project view changes 
- fixed smart display of dates like "Today", "Yesterday"
- fixed display of attached files in list_changes 
- fixed default list style in projViewEfforts #3748
- added date to list of attached files taskView 
- partly fixed display of context menu #4117

v0.0794 [2007-02-14]
- fixed creation of project with strict mysql settings #3213
- fixed installation / upgrade with strict mysql settings #3952
- inline wiki editing is not caused by double click
- added strict sql_mode settings to installation
- fixed minor problem with updated files
- fixed display of task location in list_changes
- changed layout of project "history" 
- added additional headers to ajax content to fix #3965
- wiki links to releases are no longer striked 

v0.0791 [2007-02-05]
- fixed: ajax editing with code blocks and complex texts
- fixed: error in RSS feed
- fixed: block dependencies after upgrade

v0.079 - rc2 for v0.08 [2007-02-04]

- fixed: Anonymous user cannot view tasks #3836
- added: inplaced editing of wiki chapters (task descriptions/ own comments) #3695
- added: quick project selector to Project tab #3867
- more functionality for bookmarks
- fixed: compatibilty with IE 6.0 (stylesheets, javascript, etc.) Still ugly but better
- fixed: new users can't editor their own profile #3817
- added finish and czech translations
- RSS feeds for project with HTTP authentication #670
- fixed javascript error when clicking into comment list (checkbox not found)
- changed: projView  "Folder list" replaced by project documentation box
- included notification on changed and unchanged items in sendNotifcationForPerson function
- fixed visibility check for RSS feed when ananymous user 
- added correct ATOM-Feed link to header 
- added ~~strike~~ syntax to wiki #2328

- removed Delete and Bookmark functions from projView (deleting is no good, Projectselector works better than bookmarking)
- fixed character setting #3843
- task list effort column is off by default
- added counter for num of sql statements 
- added table indeces to comments and efforts 
- added note on deleted tasks headline #3671

v0.078 - rc1 for v0.08 [2007-01-03]

- full compatibilty with php5.2
- polished default theme 'clean'
- forms splitted into tab groups
- Task categories to distinguish between tasks and documentation
- Documentation navigator
- Export to CSV format
- Anonymous Browsing (for guests and search engines) (#2665)
- sorted view of project history
- Keep track of unviewed / changed items
- Bookmark items (not stable yet)
- display modification history for all item types (not just tasks)

- Polish translation finished. 100%
- stupid captcha and spam check for guests
- possibility of derive customized style sheats (#2971)
- refined search (support multiple word search)

- refined installation from available SQL-structure file
- Polish translation finished. 100%

- added clean url support to some pages 
- added anonymous browsing (not considered stable yet)

- fixed rendering of ordered wiki lists with high numbers 
- added wiki syntax for rendering ordered lists  with any numbering (like 1. 2. 4. )
- renamed .htacess file to avoid problems with apache v1.3
- own comments can be deleted
- comments can now be restored
- added "New company" as page function
- directly publish suggested comments
- fixed bug #2680
- allow trusted clients to comment all tasks (reduced quick edit form)
- fixed right validation in taskEditSubmit
- hide edit functions in taskView if cur_user has not enough right to edit
- fixed default values for is_milestone (#2721)

- added Note on Person (creates tasks, projects and efforts on the fly)
- assign new projects direct to a project
- fixed display of completed tasks 
- fixed display of folders in tree 
- fixed rendering of tables (foreach Warnings in wiki pages with tables)
- renamed Dumpster -> Trash

- fixed default user rights of new persons #1785
- changed wrapping of long indented task names in tree view
- added server_time_offset option 
- milestones can be toggled
- added time zone setting in user profiles 
- folders can be moved
- show "edit description"-button even if there is no description yet 
- wiki: liked items (like #234) are striked if completed 
- fixed usage of back slashes in wiki texts
- increased performance with long tasklists (e.g. a few hundred tasks)

- fixed #1499 dates are changing in a mysterious way
- changed interactions with lists (refactored jquery functions)
- updated translations
- added new wiki-syntax to link to item ids (#123)

- version v0.07rc1
- fixed deletion of task description
- fixed wiki line syntax (_____)
- fixed wiki links to persons like [[item:##]]
- fixed wiki rendering of empty code blocks
- fixed style sheets for printing
- fixed layout problems with too long nick names in projView team list
- list milestones does no longer show completion bar if there are not tasks for milestone
- display of files / file lists 
- adjusted display of versions 
- resolved tasks for next version are set to new version 
- more reasonable debug output in log-file 

- fixed ITEM_TYPES of new created persons
- fixed DbProjectItem::getVisibleById() for non project items 
- DEV_AJAX is been made the default (removed)

- released versions 
- task:resolved version and task:resolve reason
- taskViewEffort 
- quick edit in task view
- added comment field in quick edit form of normal task view
- fixed login of new persons when not checking IP-ADRESS
- fixed tasks visibility related to status of folders in tree lists 
- add new definitions for company and person categories
- fixed strange modification date for project and persons 
- new Translation into: Polish, Swedish, Norwegian,

- "My tasks" do no longer list completed tasks 
- effortEdit: improved task selection
- moved company / person updates by freshframes to v0.0681
- fixed bug with new bug on milestone
- started using jquery-library
- labels of form fields can now be overwritten 
- in German translation Notizen -> Kommentare
- added filter presets for "all", "Modified" and "without milestone"
- fixed install function when aborting on write protected tmp-dir

- missing files logged 
- resolve reason for tasks 
- adjusted quickEditForm
- fixed client / Database Date conversion (see sysInfo for check)
- fixed effort style for creator of new projects 
- added reproducibility and severity to task display
- fixed link-styles
- fixed wiki links inside tables
- moved edit description below description 
- issue-report only display on issues
- fixed wiki list at end of text
- added support for pjpeg mime type
- added quick task edit including comment by Tino

v0.067 (2006-07-29)

- add a quick edit form in the normal task view (http://streber.pixtur.de/index.php?go=taskView&tsk=1351)
- fixed "searching for Item-IDs does not work" (http://streber.pixtur.de/index.php?go=taskView&tsk=1405) - Search works with Item-ID for persons, companies, projects and tasks

- replaced icons in comments block by text-labels (http://streber.pixtur.de/index.php?go=taskView&tsk=560)
- fixed Bug in Person View (FATAL error) - a result of the date functions

v0.065 (2006-07-13)

- fixed creating of project templates
- new theme "webplasten"
- added slovak translation
- fixed display of milestones

- fixed visibility of upcomming projects
- fixed "comment on task added to project"-bug
- fixed download name of files containing spaces
- fixed display of effort sum in task-list
- in wiki texts show completed tasks with line through
- keep user logged in if IP_-ADDRESS not checked (do not refresh cookie)
- added reduced header functionality to person lists (http://streber.pixtur.de/index.php?go=taskView&tsk=1220)

v0.063 (2006-06-19)

- rewrote the search results (sorted and designed)
- added editting of multiple tasks

- version, plattform, os and production-builds of new bug-reports are initialized with ealier settings of user
- person description
- added warning and documentation on database exceptions (http://streber.pixtur.de/index.php?go=taskView&tsk=1272)
- added display of worst-case estimated time to tasks and milestone lists 
- fixed display of projects in home
- added CRC-checksum for hidden form fields
- added "tasks needed approval" preset
- search: added quick-jump with "!"
- search: highlight query with javascript

- added cycle-lock detection when listing task folders
- splitted task.inc.php into task_view and task_more.inc.php
- fixed right to adjust setting pub-level
- started implementation for taskEditMultiple
- added caching to person and project (experimental)
- added assigntype to figure out initial assignments (has to be added to taskEditSubmit)
- added phpVersion-check to index.php
- refactured some of the notification-stuff (maybe the mails make more sense now)
- adjusted browsing the error-log
- fixed fatal error with incomplete translations
- added incomplete slovak translation
- fixed typo
- person has option to log efforts as duration or times (affects new projects only)
- adjusted / styled grouped list-style 
- adjusted print output
- task status is automatically set to "open" after been edited
- Task-Status is printed in the breadcrumbs (above headline)
- wiki: fixed line breaks inside quotes
- guess client time shift with javascript (is been tested)
- fixed "canceling new template duplicates project" bug
- fixed browser-caching of old css-styles (caused layout-issues on upgrades)
- fixed some errors in the style-sheets


+ wiki: added table syntax
+ wiki: fixed cascacading lists (now supports mixing of unsorted and numbered lists)
% fixed encoding of notification-messages (distinguis server-specific OS linebreaks)

+ wiki config-option to autoinsert ids to wiki-texts
% fixed display of upcomming projects
+ added delete-milestone function
% adjusted display of error-messages (distinguish notes, warnings, errors)
% fixed sorting of tasks in tree-view
+ added "create another tasks after submit"-option
+ Wiki: added long minus ("--") syntax
+ automatically set complettion to 100% if tasks status is set to completed
+ errors.log - can be filtered (very very handy for development) and deleted in sysInfo (see footer)
- fixed undefined g_wiki_project where possible
- adjusted Diff-View
% fixed warning if no milestone defined
% fixed bug when adding new team members to project
% fixed unsetting task's for_milestone setting

+ optimized browser-caching of downloaded images by adjusting http-headers
% fix Project::getChanges-bug should be static function bug
% adjusted display of project changes
% slightly adjusted display of attached files for tasks
+ made "can login"  default option for new persons

=== v0.061 =========

- show differences of tasks / task history (including wiki difference of text-block)
- cleaned version history
- added personListDeleted (deleted person can be restored)
- fixed toggling of folders in tree task-list
- notification-mails are sent as multipart message with HTML and(!) plain-text

- added DB_USE_UTF8_ENCODING config setting
- list changes list (move and added attachments)
- fixed database-error when sorting for file-ID
- fixed wrapping for milestone completion graph
- fixed display of page functions in companyView and personView
- fixed print styles
- added "from -options to wiki code blocks
- fix mysql date bug
- set default-values for database fields
- also search closed tasks
- fixed "-" birthday bug
- fixed wiki-link not rendered with emphasized words inside

- hide list function in task filelist
- fixed fatal error with undefined profile
- fixed some undefined vars
- refactured user_profile-handling (user profiles can now be translated)
- add production build to task forms
- fixed bug in notification mail
- validate edit time request (prevent from overwriting of later changes)

=== v0.06 =========
- new page function for tasks "move" 
- display of grouped list adjusted
- wiki: added `monospace`-syntax
- wiki: added ''emphasize''-syntax

- fixed default sorting of comments
- fixed an issue with IIS-Support
- fixed intergration with mysqli-interface
- new page function for tasks "move" 
- in taskView attached files are displayed as thumbnails
- display of grouped list adjusted

=== v0.0592
- list estimated/completed time for milestones
- fixed urls in notification mails (including https-support)
- fixed "next milestone"-filter preset
- added ID-column to files list
- fixed missing wiki-link in grouped lists
- projView, taskView -> adjusted page function display
- fixed "folder not used as parent for new task"
- assigned tasks are no longer listed in "projView" (but as preset in projViewTasks)
- fixed "tree"-style of tasks list
- taskView > added "estimated time" and "Milestone" to details block
- taskView > if task is a milestone, attached tasks are listed

=== v0.059 [2006-04-07] ============================

- added "severity" security
- project-labels for new projects can be customized with "PROJECT_DEFAULT_LABELS"
- added additional output on login procedure
- resorted project objects in navigation bar
- fixed pageFunctions at taskView
- check for tasks with identical names
- fixed some errors with related to task editting and validation
- show icon to tasks with attached files
- hide label, if tasks is a folder
- added "wiki"-label for new projects
- wiki finds team-members by nickname
- fixed wiki-formatting for some lists
- fixed wiki-formatting for some items
- wiki supports numbers lists with syntax 1. 2. 3.
- wiki checks for existence of images before querrying them from the database (and causing an error)

- increased cookie lifetime
- moved db-upgrades to separate file
- fixed files querry
- prepared "milestone", "versions" and "roadmap"
- fixed visibility-check for persons
- refactured listFilters
- refactured display of tasks in tree-view (this is much slower now, but should work)

=== v0.0572 [2006-03-31] ===============================================

- fixed comment-sorting
- fixed add effort `Database`-error

=== v0.057 [2006-03-24] ===============================================

- refactured notifications:
  - uses person's language
  - lists all project changes
  - correctly obeys visibility for person

- finished changes list
- refactured Persons::getPersons()
- capture mail() error with error-handler
- added "www.somehost.de/index.php?go=triggerSendNotifications" to externally trigger notification by cron-jobs
- added 'STMP'-config-var

- cleaning search-string (might have been tricked into SQL-injection)

=== v0.057ß1 [2006-03-22] ===============================================

- change-log (history) for all items
- fixed upgrade-link to installation

- refactured error-log output
- renamed status "onhold" into "blocked"
- efforts > fixed setting of 'person'-field

- fixed unconverted html-output in project-history (could have been used for XSS)

=== v0.056 [2006-03-20] ===============================================

- cookie depreciated on changed ip-address
- random cookie-string for each login

- fixed several issues related to converting html-special changes 
- fixed several minor issues with using image-files
- slightly changed layout of projView and taskView
- fixed drop-downlist-behaviour in opera v8.x
- fixed page-function of taskView (delete, approve, complete)
- added "edit project description"-function
- fixed "assigned tasks not visible in projView"-bug (added tree-view)
- added favicon (very important ,-) )
- fixed UTF8-encoding of notification mails

- adjusted the wiki-styling
- fixed several issues with wiki-formating
  - code-blocks sometimes do not work
- [sub]subset[/sub]-syntax
-  "___" -syntax to add an HR
- clicking an non-existing link opens edit-dialog for a new task at the current location (project and folder)
- fixed overwriting link-name like [[item:324|actually this name is better]]

=== v0.055 [2006-03-15] ===============================================

- html-characters are always converted (avoid XSS and js-code-injection)

- fixed mySql5 compatibility
- added mySQLDump tool for backup-purposes (see _sql/mysqldump.php)
- "fixed blank-page after submit"-bug
- tested compitibility with XAMPP 1.1.5

=== v0.0541 [2006-02-24] ===============================================

- fixed "no page-id in params got by from_handle"-bug
- added list of closed tasks

=== v0.054 [2006-02-22] ===============================================

- wiki formatting (also allows embedding uploaded images)
- french translation by Yves Perrenoud
- tweaked interface

- lots(!) of minor bugfixes and improvements

=== v0.052 [2006-02-04] ===============================================

+ display last_login of team-members
+ display item-id for tasks
+ enable searching for task-ids

% fixed up/downloading of large files
% fixed "created_by=__CUR_USER__" bug
% fixed "forced logout after password change when login by notification mail"
% fixed several "passed reference"-warnings
% added additional messages to log-file (login/logout and optionally debug-output)
% fixed display of grouped list when grouping for "parent_task" (folders)
% adjusted print style

=== v0.051 [2006-01-28] ===============================================

+ additional details of tasks (descriptions, last comment, etc) in grouped list style
+ adjusted display of projects and companies (RIGHT_VIEWALL required to see non-relevant)

+ removed some "pass referenced variables" bugs
% fixed display of thumbnails in gif and png-format
% fixed display of "no" times
% lots of minor adjustments in translation
% lots of minor adjustments in list-displays

=== v0.05 [2006-01-24] ================================================

+ higlight items modified since last login
+ file uploads
% fixed timezone-warnings in php 5.1
+ added grouped display to some lists
+ personView list assigned tasks

+ changed default labels for new projects to "Bug,Feature,Tweak,Idea,Refacture,Research,Organize,Docu"
+ persons assigned to projects can no longer be deleted
+ translated priority-values
+ deleted items can be restored from project's history-list
+ fixed some minor issues in installation
+ DbProjectItem::getById() getVisibleById() getEditableById()
+ zend.ze1_compatibility_mode set to 0
% adjusted display number of subtasks
+ tasks onhold are shown at home
% adjusted code for eAccelerator comptibility
+ "add comment to task" in context menu of task-lists
% fixed some minor html and layout issues
+ display all of person's information in personView
% fixed canceling new projects
% fixed unsetting company for project

=== v0.0493 [2006-01-05] ==============================================

+ fixed "white page after upgrade" (db_type has not been set correctly. Please adjust manually)

+ autotically init SELF_URL for links in notification-mails
+ ignore "folders" for number of project tasks
+ taskEdit -> status options "undefined" "upcoming" no longer available
+ fixed personEdit profile not shown correctly
+ fixed personNew with profile "user", rights not init correctly
+ fixed projDuplicate with issues (issues could not be inserted: mySQL-Exception was caused)
+ fixed list_companies display of open projects (templates were counted)
+ fixed projView ->moveCommentsToFolder()
+ fixed taskView addBugReport()
+ translated some more texts (Company)
+ disable QuickNew (was to complex for most testers)
+ removed the "color" and "send mail as html"-fields from editPerson
+ removed "production build" and "os" from issue-report

=== v0.0492 [2006-01-04] ==============================================

+ "required" bug in installation
+ searching projects

+ searching with wildcards (like apple*)

+ global namespace is cleaned when register globals is on
+ refactured handling of request variables
+ restructured installation code
+ forward all pages other than "index.php", "install.php" and "tests/testsuite_pages.php" to index.php

=== v0.0491 [2006-01-02] ==============================================

major fixes
+ fixed login process (login as admin was not possible in v0.049)
+ fixed db_settings extension from ".inc" to ".php" (some servers display .inc-files as plaintext)

=== v0.049 [2006-01-01] ==============================================

+ activation mail
+ notification on project assignments and task assigments (are collected and send after logout)
+ forgot password / password remind email
+ tooltips for form-fields
+ list with grouping of lines (e.g. group projects from same company)
+ moveTasks (to other folders)
- TaskFolders no longer shown in project overview
+ urls to task and project views are used after login (this allows bookmarking)
% projView has been cleaned up
+ tasks are shown in more details at new page projViewTasks 
+ desaturated theme
+ all themes but "clean" have been depreciated
+ added a basic cycle-check for hierarchical tasks (children cannot become parent)

+ some constants can now be translated (Status, Priority)
+ reduced block headers if single list on a page
+ fixed display of person efforts
+ removed from-handle from most links (reduced html-size and bookmarks)

+ filters for lists (not older than, status, etc.) 

=== v0.048 [2005-12-21] ==============================================

+ header navigation completly rebuild
+ some more items can be translated
+ support for MySQLi databases (thanks to LoloIrie)

% made Db-Queries more strict (check for item-type)

=== v0.0475 [2005-12-20] ==============================================

+ link to error-log
+ system information
+ portogise-brasilian translation
+ commentView

+ links in takes are made active
+ with project's wikipage is defined links like "[[this topic]]" will point there

% fixed bug in view Item validation
% fixed display of comments on tasks
+ display number of comments in task-lists
% fixed visibility of own user (if not in any project team)
% adjusted some text for translation
% changed all Exceptions into trigger-errors()
% fixed usage of % character for get-URLs (using & instead)
% fixed (hopefully all) usages of utf8-chars in block-ids
% fixed calendar-popup in projEdit DateTime-fields
+ adjusted pageFunctions of Tasks depending on Subtask or Folder

=== v0.047 [2005-12-07] ===============================================

interface / major
+ fulltext-search for all objects
+ Option for each project-team-member if efforts are booked as times start/end or durations
% fixed fatal bug when creating Task with Issue-Reports (v0.046)
+ when upgrading, old db-settings are read from settings-file (this is a security issue, if install-dir has not been removed!)

% fixed 'undefined index 15'- bug (when getting taskpersons)
+ installation >> password fields no longer clear-text
+ effortEdit >> validates for name and time_end > time_start
+ companyView >> added option to link new persons
+ projView >> fixed breadcrumbs for template-projects
+ projViewIssues >> added pageFunction to "report Bugs"
% fixed language used after login
% fixed some issues concerning "no time" in forms
+ taskView >> adjusted display of task-description
% quickNew >> fixed parsing of entered line (order is no longer importand)
+ quickNew (task) Issue automatically added if starting with "bug:"
+ made some more strings sensitive for language-support (German translation getting more complete)

+ Comment::getAll()
+ Issue::getAll()
% fixed scanLanguage.pl to "__()" (instead of _()"
+ fixed error-logging during installation

=== v0.046 [2005-12-04] ===============================================
+ error_handler with output into LogFile and consistent HTML-structure (_tmp/error.log)
% change task-fields "date_due / date_due_end" into "planned_start"/"planned_end" and turned them into Datetime
+ functions for creating and using Project-Templates
% fixed htmlStructure of some pages
% fixed passing empty dateTime-fields from forms

+ getById(), getVisibleById(), getEditableById() for all Db-Objects
% trace()-calls changed into trigger_error()
% unit-tests corrected and expanded
% fixed display of unnamed items ("-" instead of "View task")
% fixed scanLanguages.pl handling for strings with ()
+ added optional context-clarification for multilanguage-strings like _("BUG","as column headline")
% made DbItem a abstract class (just to be sure it's instanciated)
+ DbItem->getShortWithTitle()
% can pass multiple messages to next page
% fixed: upcomming projects not listed in active projects
% fixed: visibility-check for displayed persons at many places
% fixed creating for Issues and Comments (where sometimes not correctly linked to project and therefore not duplicated)

=== v0.0453a [2005-11-24] =============================================

+ multi language support (including tools for handling language-tables)
+ German Translattion
+ users can select Theme and Language in editProfile
+ task-assignment 
+ home > only show assigned tasks (can be adjusted for each user)
% fixed display of teamMembers for clients (they were not hidden correctly)
+ when creating new Projects current use becomes admin and is made public
+ visibility (pub_level) of project team members can be edited
% fixed dropDown-list functions companyView / personView
% fixed display of projects(team) in companyView
+ reduced list of persons companyView
+ companyView -> add list for closedProjects
% taskView fixed display of description

+ visible projectteam is cached for increased performance
+ changed "new Person($id)" -> "Person::getById($id)"   (this avoids some nasty errors, if creation fails)
+ added unit-tests for some renderable pages
+ fixed html-structure of some pages

=== v0.0452d [2005-10-24] ==============================================

+ option to continue upgrade on errors
% fixed bugs when upgrading tables with table-prefixed

=== v0.0452c [2005-10-23] ==============================================

+ comment as tree
+ comments can be collapsed
+ new tasks status changed from open -> new
% fixed initial display of tasks as tree / list
% fixed display of task-details
% fixed form passing for task.estimated time
% fixed sorting of comments
+ changed default profile of new people to user
% person, who cannot login no longer require unique nickname (but if you want to provide a nickname it has to be unique)
+ display of comment-details depends on display-style
% fixed reopen of projects

+ Project::getComment
+ Comment::getSubComments
+ comment::collapse / shrink /toggle view

=== vo.0452b [2005-10-08] ==============================================
+ toggle task viel collapsed
+ home > projList : create new project icon
% automatically jump to project-view if assigned to only one project
% home>tasklist: fixed sorting
+ home>taskList: added logging effort
% project>viewEfforts: fixed create new effort
+ project>viewEfforts: create effort behind selected effort
% fixed admin-view if not project-member

% hierarchical sorting of tasks done with sql
% valid-param-list for pageHandles
% fixed view of collapsed tasks
% improved user-rights validation on multiple taskedits
% rewrote task-listing
% check user-rights when adding Issue-report

=== v0.0452 [2005-09-09] ====================================================

+ commentMoveToFolder
+ go up in hierarchie (ALT-U)
% hide help-block from home

+ theme-settings for list-row-colors (odd/even/selected/hover)
+ define welcome-message in conf
% fixed display of dropDown menu
- use php5- _GET _POST _COOKIE - vars
% initialize selected rows-hilighting on page load
% remove quicknew and pagefunctions from print-theme
% validate user-rights on moving tasks
% fixed HTTP_GET_VARS - complaints with on restrictive php-environments

=== v0.0451 [2005-09-04] ====================================================

+ create another project after submut
+ fixed comment-view_collapsed error

=== v0.045 [2005-09-02]  ================================================================

major changes
+ duplicating project including all sub-items (that actually enables using templates)
+ list Person with accounts
+ installation can now upgrade (starting from v0.044)
+ print_style / (just try print-preview in your browser... it's nice)
% fixed bug with double assigning people if current user is admin but not in team
% company-names not wrapping in project-overview
% added correct toggle-buttons to blocks
% fixed overwriting nickname-bug

+ in personListAccounts...
  + show current projects of person
  + show user-profile
+ add status-summary-text field to projects
+ added cancel-buttons to edit-forms
+ added styles to buttons
+ added page-functions at the upper right (for tasks, projects, persons, companies)
+ project->closed tasks
+ project->History
+ added functions to taskFolder-List
+ efforts are now related to tasks (drop-downlist for project-foldes when editing effort)
+ effort-list show parent-task
+ public-level can be changed for effort
+ fixed colors of labels
+ fixed font-size of comment-texts
+ tasks can now be undeleted (restored)

minor changes
% fixed display of daygraph
% fixed validation of environment (php-version and db-connection)
% added a config-text of fatal-startup-errors
% hide client-view-link from client
+ added STRING_LENGTH_SHORT - config setting
% changed display of level-open (was shown as 4)
% fixed the db-version check when logging in
% the last breadcrumb is not a link
% adjusted page-title when editing efforts and comments

+ g_item_names
% fixed initialization of abstract project-items
% set modification-timestamp and user when updating
% set delete-timestamp and user when deleting
+ Task::getSumEfforts() (recursively including all subtasks)
% finetuned Project::getTasks() (support of min ... max_status)
% projectView options are now define in build_projVew_options()

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