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    <h1>StreamOnTheFly help</h1>

<h2>General architecture of StreamOnTheFly</h2>


<p>A node is the main service provider in the StreamOnTheFly network. It
is basically a digital library, enhanced with streaming and other
radio-centered functionality. A node</p>
<li> archives radio shows
<li> provides transparent search facility in the node network
<li> provides streaming and remote streaming facilities for listeners
<li> collects feedback and statistics on radio shows
<li> cooperates with other nodes and portals

Nodes are transparently organized into a network. All nodes have
metadata about all radio shows and stations in the network. Nodes
communicate with each other to keep their local database up-to-date.


<p>A station is archived at a single node, while searchable and
browseable at all nodes in the network. 
Each station has admins and editors. Admins may change logos, jingles
and manage all data, while editors can upload shows and manage their
own data.</p>


<p>For each radio show a set of metadata is required from the editors
(title, keywords, length, etc.). The set of metadata elements is to be
agreed within the radio community. A recommendation for XML-based
storage and exchange of these metadata has also been prepared, see <a
href="http://soma-dev.sourceforge.net/">SOMA</a> and <a


Portals are loosely coupled with nodes. A portal can embed radio shows
manually or automatically into its content. Streaming of these shows
is done by the node, and feedback about the show is propagated back to
the node.

<p>You can try out all of these tools on our <a href="http://sotf.dsd.sztaki.hu/">demo site</a>.

<p>to be continued soon...</p>

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