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Portals collect the following statistics:

- listen on programmes (counter)
- visits of programme detail page
- ratings on programmes (anon and registered, count)

Portals forward stats data to node periodically:

- comment -> when submitted
- listen  -> when stream started (with from_portal
- ratings -> when submitted
- visits -> periodically (??)
- prg. appear/disappear on portal (immediately)

Portals receive overall rating (and stats if needed) from node.


Nodes collect local feedback and feedback from portals, and
periodically forward those to the 'home node' of the programme.

Nodes may show the following feedback/stats data:

- number of visits to the prg detail page (timely)
- number of listens and downloads (timely)

   only with cookie/session may start listen or download, and listen or
   download cannot repeat too often..., user action recorded 
   prg-host pairs to calculate unique

- ratings for the prg in node network (anon and registered, count)

- per portal appearance:

  - appear start/end
  - portal address
  - no. of comments
  - no. of visits, no. of listens, no. of downloads (??)
  - rating on that portal


set e-mail forwarding for comments
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