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[Standings 1.2] - 01-02-03 Security Patch 

- Added security schemas.
- Improved security.
- Added security schemas description doc.
- Added HowTo Security.doc, document that explains how to setup access to team reps.

[Standings 1.2] - 31-12-02

-* New block created for results only
-Fixed bug preventing to add players to the right team
-Fixed bug preventing to add players if not all fields were specified.
 Now the only necessary fields are Name and Family Name
-Fixed wrong status message while updating schedules
-Fixed bug in scouts: starter flag not taken into consideration
-Modified ranking block based on results block: results view made conditional
-* New standings block with W-L & Diff created
-5 new fields added to teams table: city, phone, playground address, shorts and tshirt
-* New block to display today's games and time/location info
-Added opponent team in player's scouts
-Added selection of team colors
-New 'Team view' with colors, team picture, info, roster and list of all games
-1 additional field added to players table: cid (Tournament ID)
-2 additional fields in the scouts table: blocks and fouls suffered
-Player's evaluation based on scout (total or minutes weighted)
-Score calculation now based on Tournament settings and not from global variables.
 Tournaments are now independent and can manage points separately.
-New view for player's list, alphabetically and multicolumn (column # can be set).
-Additional fields in the schedule table for Q1-Q4, OT1-OT3 scores and game officials.
-Added Location, Date, Time and Referees in the box score view
-Added partial scores (and overtime) in the box score view
-Fields Height and Weight in players table changed to varchar(8) to allow english measures
-Indication in results block when game ends overtime
-* New MVP block added (by round, by game or by exact player ID)

* = not in public release

[Standings 1.1] - 24-11-02

-New table for Players added
-New table for Scouts added
-Team roster management and visualization
-Players info visualization with season's average and scouts details.
-Game's scouts visualization
-Player's pictures must be manually placed into the pnimages/photos folder
 with the following format: 
	Main picture:   "pict"  + player ID + ".jpg" (i.e. pict1.jpg)
	Action picture: "picta" + player ID + ".jpg" (i.e. picta1.jpg)
-Team roster redirection from the standings table (from the team name)
-Team roster redirection from any player info table (from the team name)
-Game details redirection from player's scout info (from the game #)
-Player info redirection from game details (from the player name)
-Complete table colors management from the Administration panel
-Fixed several bugs

[Standings 1.0] - 20-10-02

-First release of the Standings module.
-Fully API compliant.
-Basic Administration functions and basic user functions.
-Tournement management
-Teams management
-Schedule management
-Results and Standings calculation
-First simple block for Standings released.
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