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		Copyright (c) 2011, Andrew V. Pleshakov	(hide@address.com)
		All rights reserved.

		This file is part of SPA (SQLite PHP Admin)
		See file LICENSE.txt for details



	Here are some configuration values.
	You may change them to suit your needs


define('HTTP_AUTH', true);// using HTTP authentication
define('HTTP_USER', 'admin');// HTTP user name
define('HTTP_PASS', 'admin');// HTTP password

define('DEF_CHARSET', 'UTF-8');// dbases default encoding

define('MAX_QUERY_LENGTH', 1000);	// SQL exec outputting will be interrupted after reaching this value

define('MAX_NUMBER_TO_SELECT', 15);	// number of columns for creating tables or adding columns

define('DEBUG_', false);	// saving SQL dumps into files during modifying tables structure
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