Location: PHPKode > projects > Sphider Plus > sphider-plus_v.2.9/include/IDS/vendors/htmlpurifier/HTMLPurifier/ConfigSchema/schema/HTML.CoreModules.txt
TYPE: lookup
VERSION: 2.0.0
array (
  'Structure' => true,
  'Text' => true,
  'Hypertext' => true,
  'List' => true,
  'NonXMLCommonAttributes' => true,
  'XMLCommonAttributes' => true,
  'CommonAttributes' => true,

    Certain modularized doctypes (XHTML, namely), have certain modules
    that must be included for the doctype to be an conforming document
    type: put those modules here. By default, XHTML's core modules
    are used. You can set this to a blank array to disable core module
    protection, but this is not recommended.
--# vim: et sw=4 sts=4
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