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TYPE: lookup/null
VERSION: 1.3.0
    If HTML Purifier's tag set is unsatisfactory for your needs, you can
    overload it with your own list of tags to allow.  If you change
    this, you probably also want to change %HTML.AllowedAttributes; see
    also %HTML.Allowed which lets you set allowed elements and
    attributes at the same time.
    If you attempt to allow an element that HTML Purifier does not know
    about, HTML Purifier will raise an error.  You will need to manually
    tell HTML Purifier about this element by using the
    <a href="http://htmlpurifier.org/docs/enduser-customize.html">advanced customization features.</a>
    <strong>Warning:</strong> If another directive conflicts with the
    elements here, <em>that</em> directive will win and override.
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