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Hi, and welcome to SowiBB!

This is made to be as easy as possible.

See install.html for easier to see instructions, in full HTML format.

To install SowiBB, you need to go through 5 simple steps:

1. Unzip the file SowiBB3-RC2.zip to your hard drive.

2. Upload the whole SowiBB folder onto your server, at the root directory.

3. CHMOD the following files:

All to 0777.

4. Go to your browser, and through the browser go to

5. Follow the on screen instructions in the installer, and it should be easy!

We hope you enjoy SowiBB!

If you get any errors, it basically means something's wrong.
MySQL is the most commonly made mistake when installing SowiBB.
Please use the dbconnect.zip tool, before asking for help!

If you still need help, come ask us at http://sowibb.sf.net!

Thanks for using SowiBB, we hope you enjoy the board.

The SowiBB Team
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