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// Somery, a weblogging script by Robin de Graaf, copyright 2001-2006
// Somery is distributed under the Artistic License (see LICENSE.txt)
// ADMIN/INDEX.PHP > 08-03-2006

$start = TRUE; 
if ($checkauth) { 

	echo "<strong>Welcome!</strong><br />Welcome to the Somery admin panel. If you want more information about Somery or get support on it, visit <a href='http://somery.danwa.net'>the somery site</a> and visit the forum.<br/><br />
		<strong>You are using:</strong> Somery $localver - <a href=\"http://somery.danwa.net/index.php?page=update&version=$localver\">check for new version</a><br />";

 }; $start = FALSE; include("system/include.php"); ?>
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