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RECENT CHANGELOG (x.y.z types)

	v0.4.6	released: soon
			  Since the beginning of somery 0.4, I've been using a very
			  backwards and retarded way of storing the date and time. Since
			  I didn't understand MySQL/PHP well enough when I started, I
			  made up my own system. Problem is, it was limiting what could
			  be done with dates, and made the whole timezone adjusting a
			  burden it shouldn't have been. This is one of the major changes
			  in somery, as it involves 5 scripts.

			  This version requires all files to be updated. ALL of them. Don't
			  skim the ones you don't use regularly, because the script may
			  request information from another script, without you knowing it,
			  and may not work correctly if you only update part of somery.

			  If you're upgrading from a previous version, you will need the
			  0.4.6-update.php script which you can find in /tools/. If you're
			  running a version prior to 0.4-106, run the 106-update.php first,
			  and if it succeeds run the 0.4.6-update.php script. Then upload
			  all the files and all should be well.

			  The addition of additionals requires a change in the code that
			  templates and displays the posts in your index.php (or blog.php,
			  wherever you've put it or named it), and you MUST change this, or
			  the additionals will NOT work, and neither will the posts if you
			  try to open an additional. SO UPDATE YOUR TEMPLATE!

			  You can find the new standard template in the /index.php file,
			  and you can work your way out from there. The first part is the
			  part that templates the blog articles, the second part is the
			  part that templates the additionals. Any questions? Try the

		   added: admin/notes.php
		  reason: A new script added to somery, which you can use to store random
			  snippets of text. Want to remember something? Create a note and
			  you can find it whenever you want. Later I'll make it possible
			  to set dates and reminders for notes, which will show up on the

		   added: admin/additionals.php
		  reason: Something people've been clamoring for since the stone age! Okay,
			  maybe not really, but it's still pretty awesome! Additionals are
			  a chic word for... Additional pages. You can now create pages, and
			  simply type in index.php?call=xxx, and the page will show up. It's
			  all database-driven, so no fuzz with includes and FTP and what have
			  you. This paves the way for somery becoming a CMS, so if you enjoy 
			  this functionality, LET ME KNOW!

		affected: /admin/articles.php
		  reason: Date/time storing changed.

		affected: /admin/settings.php
		  reason: Date/time format fields added. You can now decide how to show
			  the date and time yourself, by simply 

		affected: /admin/system/functions.php
		  reason: Date/time storing changed, and some other small changes to make
			  things neater.

		affected: /admin/system/engine.php
		  reason: Date/time storing changed for posted comments.

		affected: /admin/cookies.php
		  reason: Cookie setting code has changed. Should now work on PHP5 as well
			  as PHP4, and should no longer simply stop working (however rare
			  that was).

		affected: /admin/register.php
		  reason: The script had an error, which wouldn't allow a user to re-enter
			  an email address that was correct, after entering an email address
			  that wasn't correct. The script would keep the original value and
			  keep bitching about the wrong email address. This is fixed now.

		affected: /admin/index.php
		  reason: There's a new way of checking whether there are upgrades from your
			  admin panel. Follow the link and see :)

		affected: /admin/team.php
		  reason: There was a bug in the script, which wouldn't allow the super admin
			  demote level 3 users. Now he can reign supreme again.

		affected: /admin/profile.php
		  reason: These files haven't been changed much, but I added a short wait
			  before redirects, as many people have requested. These show 
			  "something was done, redirecting..." and then does. Small, but
			  with so many people demanding it, why not ;)

	v0.4.5	released: 30-01-2006
		affected: /admin/articles.php
		  reason: Back to top link added to both hidden and active articles, as
			  well as links to the active and hidden articles list.
		affected: /admin/index.php
		  reason: Version check became uncompatible with the PHP version that my
			  host runs. Good reason to pull it out until I've found one that
			  doesn't rely on crappy PHP versions.
		affected: /admin/system/functions.php
			  Clean up, should be somewhat smaller now, and changed some 
			  functions. They all work the same, so just upload it.

	v0.4.4	   NOTICE Some errors were found in the script previously used for RSS
			  syndication. This script has been removed and a new script has
			  been written that should fix all the errors found in the latest
			  version. Apologies for any discomfort - Feeds should now work
			  correctly again. Also, about 10k of data was stripped from the
			  project's size - which is good.

			  ALSO! Some users might be used to adding a trailing slash to
			  the $websiteurl variable in config.php. DO NOT DO THIS. No slash
			  should follow the URL itself (http://www.domain.ext, not ext/)

		affected: /admin/articles.php
		  reason: New RSS feed script - removed all links to RSS20.php.

		affected: /admin/system/functions.php
		  reason: New RSS feed script - removed all links to RSS20.php.

		affected: /admin/system/engine.php
		  reason: New RSS feed script - removed all links to RSS20.php.

		   added: /feed.php
		  reason: This is the new RSS 2.0-compliant feed script. Simply
			  upload this and the RSS/XML will be generated dynamically.
			  Date and time per post is now correctly outputted.

 		 removed: /admin/system/RSS20.php
		  reason: Replaced this file with smaller and simpler feed.php.

	v0.4.3	affected: All files
		  reason: The license has changed from "whatever" to the Artistic License.
			  All files conainted in the somery package now contain a header
			  containing information about when it was last edited as well as
			  what license it uses. Also, specific parts of the standard design
			  were taken out of the admin files and left for the skin to handle,
			  dividing coding even more from the layout.

		affected: /admin/articles.php in specific has been fixed - there was an error to
			  do with low-level users being able to alter/delete posts by other
			  users and those higher in level than them.

		   files: README.txt, LICENSE.txt, CHANGELOG.txt
		  reason: The license is provided in the LICENSE.txt file. The readme now 
			  no longer houses the changelog, as this has been moved to this 
   			  file, CHANGELOG.txt. 106-update.php has been moved to a folder 
			  called /tools and should not be used unless explicitly needed.

		 changed: Version numbers no longer follow the hard to follow 0.x-build
			  type, but now follow the major.minor.trivial formula.

		 folders: all uploadables are placed in /upload/
			  all documentation is placed in /docs/
			  all additional tools are placed in /tools/		

LEGACY CHANGELOG (x.y-build types)

	v0.4-200: RSS function!

		  affected: /admin/articles.php > additional code for RSS feed
		  affected: /admin/system/engine.php > additional code for RSS feed
		  affected: /admin/system/functions.php > additional code for RSS feed
		  affected: /admin/cookies.php > cookie code fixed, uses $cookiesite

		  new file: /admin/system/rss20.php > RSS feed script
		  new file: /feed.xml > it's empty, but CHMOD it to 666 and RSS should function

		  affected: /config.php > Okay, listen up. This is the FIRST change to config.php in AGES.
					  Do NOT just upload this new config.php over your old one - you
					  will lose your settings! Open up your old config.php and copy your
					  settings over to the new config.php found in this package. Then
					  upload and everything should work :)

		  additional: you might want to know this, but for the RSS icon to show up, making
			      it easier for people to subscribe to your feed, add the following to your
			      <head></head> tags:

			      <link rel="alternate" title="somery RSS feed" type="application/rss+xml" href="http://www.yoursite.net/feed.xml">

			      and make the data the same as your site. happy feeding!

		  additional: A NEW SKIN! Yayaaaaay! The Peach Blossom skin has been added to this archive.
			      either just upload it and set it, or don't, or replace your standard skin
			      but it looks so sweeeeet ^_^


		  affected: /admin/register.php > registration allowance bug fixed
		  affected: /admin/team.php > code cleanup
		  affected: /admin/system/authorization.php > bug fixed thanks to Jarod
		  affected: /admin/system/authorization.php > bug fixed thanks to Jarod
		  affected: /admin/system/functions.php > code cleanup

	v0.4-107: STUFF FIXED

		  affected: /admin/team.php > promotion bug fixed thanks to glossy
			    /admin/profile.php > month/day null bug fixed
			    /admin/system/functions.php > comment date&time are now timezone adjusted too
			    /install.php > fixed it for the umpteenth time. should work without bitching now.

	v0.4-106: STUFF FIXED
		   UPDATE SCRIPT PROVIDED! 106-update.php. Upload this to your root (where your
		   config.php file is) and run it. If it succeeds, proceed to the following list

		   You do not need to run the update script if you're doing a new install :)

		   affected: /admin/login.php > fixed a logging out bug
			     /admin/system/functions.php > new archive functionality
			     /admin/system/functions.php > <p></p> block code
			     /admin/system/functions.php &
			     /admin/settings.php > timezone differences

	v0.4-105: STUFF FIXED
		   affected: /admin/*.*

		   prevnext(); is a function to display links to older/new posts. this can
		   be used in combination with the archive function so people can browse the
		   older posts instead of going by a list of them. this function used to be
		   in somery.2, but it got removed due to reasons unknown to even me ;)

		   i've added my old B2>somery converter, which you can use to transfer B2
		   posts to a somery database. open the file in notepad and read the comments.
		   affected: /admin/system/functions.php > prevnext function added (see above)
		      	     /admin/system/engine.php > prevnext functionality
			     /install.php > fixed for global compatibility, only for new

		   new file: /b2converter.php > read the file's contents to read the info
			     /admin/skins/somery/*.* > new skin, standard skin

		   removed : /admin/system/ver.php > finally integrated this into functions.php,
							 	 so you don't have to update this file to
								 update your version number. from now on
								 updating your functions.php will upgrade
								 the system's local version as well. so
								 ALWAYS update functions.php (which is never
								 a bad idea ;)
			     /admin/skins/standard/*.* > i hate this skin

		   update all the mentioned directories. all kinds of stuff fixed, mostly
		   pertaining skins and sizes, as well as stupid little errors which weren't
		   so much bugs, but just annoying. fixed :)


		   affected: /admin/system/functions.php > archive function added

		   removed : somery-site like skin, to cut down on size. a new, easier to
			     use and smaller version will be made, but the 30k size cut
			     was too big to not make. those of you who want the skin,
			     check the somery site for the newspost about it, and download
			     it seperately.

			     default-skin removed, remaining: plain & standard.


		   affected: /admin/system/engine.php > stupid typo fixed (com should've 
			       				    been c)
		   	     /admin/system/functions.php > com should've been c typos fixed
			     /admin/system/ver.php > always update this file

	v0.4-101: this is just an interim release, so that the major issues are fixed.
		   the long-awaited archive functionality will be added withing the next
		   two releases!

		   Most important update is the comments fix. When you set a post not to
		   allow comments, it used to still show the comments when you clicked the
		   permalink - now it's not supposed to do that anymore ;)

		   affected: /admin/articles.php > user changes when editing
			     /admin/system/engine.php > XHTML compliant output added
			     /admin/system/functions.php > fixed newline shit for <more>								 /admin/system/functions.php > fixed comments (wouldnt work)
			     /admin/system/functions.php > fixed the [center] BB code
			     /admin/system/functions.php > added category();
			     /admin/system/functions.php > XHTML compliant output added
			     /comments.php > fixed issue with no comments on single posts

	v0.4-100:  major changes are coming, and this is one of the first. improved the
		   skinning system for the admin section - and the default skin is now
		   'called default'. There's some files affected you wouldnt expect, so
		   just overwrite all files mentioned below.

		   the new file (/admin/skins/default/*.*) means that all files in that
		   directory AS WELL AS the directory itself should be uploaded.

		   the removed file was the 'standard' skin. if you still have it, you
		   don't have to remove it, and you might prefer it over this one, but
		   it won't be put into the archive anymore.

		   affected: /comments.php
		   new file: /admin/skins/default/*.*
		   removed : /admin/skins/standard/*.*

	v0.4-017:  hopefully fixed the commenter's cookie code. the cookies disappeared
		   way too fast. i replaced the code completely, and it should function
		   as it should now.

		   affected: /admin/cookies.php

	v0.4-016:  some people complained about the cookies timing out too fast -
		   thus losing entries because somery had logged them out after 
		   trying to submit an entry. also, the cookies set for the commenter's
		   information were too short. they are lengthened, so they should
		   stick a fair while longer.

		   added name/email/website to the comments file

		   affected: /admin/cookies.php 

	v0.4-015:  there was a problem with registering a new user. the nickname
		   field would remain empty unless filled in manually and/or by
		   simply pressing 'submit' on the profile page. This is, of course,
		   completely silly and therefore I chose to fix it. When registering,
		   your nickname is set to your username.

		   NOTE: This solves the problem with NEW users and the not displaying
		   of their names! Yeah! :D

		   ALSO! The somv2 skin was removed to make the archive smaller

		   affected: /admin/register.php 
		   new file: /admin/system/ver.php

	v0.4-014:  somery now has a function which saves commenter's data and
		   puts it in the comments boxes, saving time for those who
		   comment often.

		   WARNING! Because the system now sets cookies through engine.php,
		   you're not allowed to call the engine.php from ANYWHERE anymore.
		   You need to call  <?include("admin/system/engine.php");?> BEFORE
		   any HTML is put out to the screen!  Put it on TOP of your index,
		   otherwise you'll get errors and the code won't work!   /WARNING!

		   affected: /comments.php 

	v0.4-013:  fixed comments.php. it wasn't reading the commenter's url

		   affected: /comments.php

	v0.4-012:  fixed the articles.php. it was set to 'get' when supposed to
		   'post', which fucked up posting of long articles.

		   affected: /admin/articles.php

	v0.4-011:  fixed the cookies library, so it works with IE6 and the new 
		   requirements set for cookie setting.

	v0.4-010:  fixed a small error in the admin section, in the categories.php
		   section, which said 'delete this post' instead of 'delete cat' ;D

	v0.4-009:  added [center] bbcode

	v0.4-008:  comments.php didnt output poster's url correctly

	v0.4-007:  see &r004, but now for the more link.

	v0.4-006:  fixed a small layout glitch in articles.php which made the 
		   tables for the article links too small.

	v0.4-005:  fixed an error in articles.php which basically made the entire
		   order go fucked.

	v0.4-004:  fixed an error in functions.php which made the comment link
		   mess up in Opera versions before 6.01.

	v0.4-003:  fixed an mysql error in articles.php.

	v0.4-002:  fixed an error in articles.php which made the articles go old
	           to new.

	v0.4-001:  fixed an error in the html-strip function which fucked up
	           bb code.
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