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Coming in v2.5 ("?" means it may or may not happen)
- more translations
- comments in notation
- variants
	-- suicide?
- game favorites (bookmarks)?
- more players' info (ex. who a person plays against, plays against the most, # wins against against a player, etc.)?
- tournament feauture?
- timer?

¥ fixed bug - en passant was not respected in undo
¥ fixed bug - notation for En Passant was incorrect
¥ fixed bug - undo button displayed when undo was disabled
¥ fixed bug - another checkmate problem
¥ changed - deleted players who have never started a game are removed completely from the database
¥ added translation - dutch (thanks nico!)
¥ added feature - chess 960 (uses Kipling's castling rules)
¥ added feature - "note" feature to chat
¥ added feature - time stamp to chat
¥ cleaned & optimized code

¥ fixed "problemo" bug
¥ fixed what I think is the final checkmate bug!
¥ other minor code improvements

2.0 rc 3
¥ fixed broken player stats
¥ fixed issue where a person could make a move in another person's game
¥ fixed bug where very long usernames would mess up table on "view players" page
¥ fixed "view game" bug where capturing/promoted pawns broke functionality
¥ fixed scrambled board display in "view game" for IE
¥ fixed bug where checkmate was sometimes incorrectly identified
¥ optimized some code
¥ added "snazzy borders" to some dialogs

2.0 rc 2
¥ users created by importing pgn no longer appear on the players page
¥ fixed problems with example_config.php file (Sorry!)
¥ fixed a bug that broke the move notification email
¥ fixed what I hope is the last checkmate bug
¥ fixed broken chess board display in Internet Explorer (Sorry again!)
¥ fixed bug that broke the Currently Online function
¥ fixed urls on the help page (thanks David!)
¥ fixed issue where auto-install/update failure message resulted in blank screen for some browsers
¥ fixed issue where notation would fail to add the check "+" notation to pawns that capture 
and promote at the same times as putting a player in check (yeah, kind of rare)
¥ added alt attribute to user image img element so menu is valid xhtml again
¥ added "review" button to board screen (move-by-move replay)
¥ added "random" as choice for piece color
¥ added a bit to the French locallization (help!)
¥ about page & players page are now valid xhtml
¥ "deleted" players just removed from the list of players, they are no longer deleted from the DB

2.0 rc 1
NOTE: 	there will be bug fixes only until release is stable after as of this realease 

¥ added new piece images (old ones moved to alternates img file)
¥ added sortable stats feature
¥ added player points stat
¥ added player last online time
¥ added "personal stats" to main menu
¥ added password reset (via security question and answer)
¥ added password & username min and max length
¥ updated about.html file
¥ changed chatbox code to work around missing cursor bug in firefox
¥ changed layout of menu page
¥ improved chat code (optimized & strict XHTML)
¥ improved look in opera and internet explorer
¥ renamed config.php to example_config.php to avoid accidental overwrite when updating
¥ fixed undo bug caused by a castling and threatening oppenent's king (O-O-O+ or O-O-O#)
¥ fixed the one-millionth checkmate bug (and counting)
¥ fixed issue where username could be changed to one already being used
¥ fixed bugs that made exported pgn file appear as text inside and/or download as "file.txt" with some browsers
¥ fixed hard-coded language on players page
¥ fixed rss bug where space in user name would cause errors
¥ fixed bug that broke the undo function when undo was requested on the very first move
¥ fixed rare & annoying bug where undo was refused if move happened within 5 seconds of next new minute (ex. 10:42:57am)
¥ dialog messages are now left justified
¥ minor code & database optimizations

2.0 beta 4
¥ added email move notification function
¥ added Spanish localization
¥ added partial French localization
¥ improved error handling
¥ improved css as well as the look & feel of some chess
¥ improved registration verification image code
¥ modified/fixed players info page
¥ fixed invite email bug
¥ fixed mysql auto-update
¥ fixed admin options update now works with PHP4+
¥ fixed backup file login bug
¥ fixed undo bug caused by pawn promotion
¥ fixed view mode bug caused by pawn promotion
¥ fixed undo bug caused by pawn pawn putting king in check
¥ fixed castling bug in game replay view
¥ fixed another (even more silly) checkmate bug
¥ fixed issue where self-registered users would not show up in the "Start New Game" form
¥ fixed several bugs related to importing PNG
¥ other minor improvements

2.0 beta 3
¥ added feedback to in-game board clicks
¥ added unwritable warning to admin options
¥ fixed update check
¥ fixed a silly checkmate bug
¥ fixed pawn promotion selection box
¥ various small fixes

2.0 beta 2
¥ added auto-install function
¥ added auto-update function
¥ added GUI configuration option
¥ added text feedback to import process
¥ updated about
¥ fixed issue where opening player stats page resulted in server lockup (...sorry about that one)
¥ fixed image upload bug
¥ fixed issue where profile information was not being displayed
¥ fixed players page

2.0 beta 1
¥ new design
¥ added backup routine options
¥ added import PGN function
¥ added option to view other player's games
¥ added a move-by-move game view
¥ cleaned css
¥ stats are now more configurable
¥ fixed end game message bug
¥ fixed invite email message bug (wrote $friend instead of username)
¥ fixed undo bug involving knights in shared paths
¥ started making the html validate in all cases
¥ fixed another checkmate bug, probably more to come
¥ fixed issue where undo request messages were overwritten by check messages
¥ worked around some IE bugs
¥ undo requests now appear in main menu
¥ fixed creation of duplicate event item in PGN file
¥ cleaned up MySQL install file

2.0 alpha 11
¥ added registration option w/image verification
¥ added info to stats page
¥ added config option for days until end game button
¥ fixed SQL errors (auto_increment wasn't included (phpMyAdmin bug?))

2.0 alpha 10
¥ added check for update admin function
¥ fixed a big, newly introduced, checkmate bug
¥ added info to stats page
¥ other small bug fixes

2.0 alpha 9
¥ fixed/added language option
¥ fixed undo bug
¥ fixed yet another checkmate bug
¥ updated stats page
¥ license changed from GNU-GPL to GNU-LPGL

2.0 alpha 8
¥ added undo option
¥ added pgn import function
¥ added more profile details (optional)
¥ grouped some menus into one window with tabs
¥ fixed another checkmate bug
¥ fixed admin bug (change priv. level)
¥ brought PGN files up to standard

2.0 alpha 7
¥ added user input validation to prevent sql injection
¥ added another string file Some Chess is now 100% translatable
¥ added admin function to reset user images
¥ added option to keep chat & moves after game ends
¥ added "invitedBy" column to players db
¥ fixed privilege change form
¥ fixed a few dumb checkmate bugs
¥ fixed instance where checkmate was inncorrectly declared
¥ fixed other small bugs
¥ uploaded images auto-resize & turned to png
¥ uploaded images renamed [player's id].png 
¥ uploaded images overwrite player's old image
¥ chat now shows only the last 40 messages

2.0 alpha 6
¥ added updating documentation
¥ fixed some bugs
¥ added language file 90% complete (can be translated soon)
¥ removed image buttons to accomplish the above
¥ added user image option
¥ added image upload option
¥ fixed/updated MYSQL file
¥ updated MYSQL_UPDATE file

2.0 alpha 5
¥ added admin option to change user privileges
¥ added stats page (more to come)
¥ modified appearance of chat form
¥ lowest privilege level users can't invite
¥ added options in config file
	- can disable refresh of board or chat
	- can disable chat
	- can hide stats
	- can set new user start level
¥ fixed MySQL file so that the default admin has admin options

2.0 alpha 3
¥ added admin panel 
¥ added MySQL update SQL 
¥ removed unused columns in DB 
¥ added new table for completed games (PGN format) 
¥ completed games movement history is auto-deleted from the move DB 
¥ chat from completed games is auto-deleted 
¥ cleaned code (PHP.CSS.HTML)
¥ fixed some movement rule bugs 
¥ other tweaks

2.0 alpha 1
¥ added chat function 
¥ board moved to iframe (will be in an object once object support is better) 
¥ removed IE specific style sheet, using a css hack to accomplish the same thing (easier to maintain) 
¥ better use of css 
¥ cleaned up menu
¥ slimmed down code base
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