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<h1>Home Page</h1>

<p>We want to see how well this translates text.</p>

<div class="method-synopsis">
    <span class="access">public</span>
    <span class="return">string</span>
    <span class="method">methodName</span> (

<p>Especially we want for <a href="/wiki/read/Wiki_links">wiki links</a> to work,
    and for &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt; to be
    <strong>properly escaped</strong>.</p>

<pre><code>&lt;p&gt;this should show up literally&lt;/p&gt;

<p>And this should not.</p>

<h2>Check &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt; Escaping</h2>

<p>Compressed lists:</p>

<li>compressed list</li>
<li>do we get &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt; escaping in this
<li>because we should :-(</li>

<p>Loose lists:</p>

<p>loose list</p>
<p>do we get &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt; escaping in this
<p>because we should</p>

<p>Definition lists:</p>


<p>Block quotes:</p>

<p>do we get &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt; escaping inside block


<th>Header &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt;</th>
<td>cell with <em>em</em> &lt;span&gt;HTML&lt;/span&gt;</td>
<td>no html</td>
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